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Title: Sunshine is Overrated (The Vamp for Me #3)
Author Name & Publisher: Bailey Bradford (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: October 20, 2015 – 112 pgs


Life with vamps is never easy.

Abernathy Meyers is already mated to a vamp, Zebulon. It’s just too bad that Zebulon doesn’t give a darn about him. Abbie’s stuck with the man for eternity—or until they die. Some days, Abbie thinks that can’t happen soon enough. He’s tired of being treated badly, yet he doesn’t really want to make his earthly exit yet.

Because he’s longed for another man—another vampire—for years. Forbidden love—is anything more compelling, or more heart-breaking?

There’s a twisted past, a hidden story linking Abbie, Zebulon and the coven leader, Claude.

Claude lives with a fear of turning to dust at any moment. It isn’t reasonable, but he can’t shake it. He’s let his own fears impede his potential happiness, and instead he puts the needs of his coven first, ignoring his own. But if he’s deliberately blind to one particular human’s needs because that human is a mate to another vampire, then is Claude truly leading to the best of his ability?

It’s a tough question for him to answer and soon, he’ll have to make a choice that will affect him and Abbie, forever.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously available on the author’s blog.

General Release Date: 20th October 2015

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I really thought this book was a great addition to this series.

Finally Abernathy gets to be with someone who will treat him like he is loved and the way he deserves. I was really happy for Claude also because he deserved to be loved and to have a mate who will care for him too.
You get a lot of action and some steam with these two which I loved!
Zeb Abernathy’s mate did something that was horrible for a vampire to do to his mate which also made it possible for Claude to finally claim him which is what should have really happened from the start.
The way they were to together and how you could really feel how much they cared for one another was just awesome! You also get to see more of the characters from the first books. I don’t want to give to much away because this was such a short read. I felt like the author wrote such a awesome story for these two and I did not feel like anything was rushed between them at all.

So all together I really liked this book!

I would defiantly recommend this book!



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