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Title: Strength of the Rising Sun  (The Borders War #5)
Author Name & Publisher:  S.A. McAuley (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: January 26th 2016- 198 pages


Merq’s always known there’s only one way Armise and he can end.

The Opposition is losing—both the war and the fight for citizen support—and the Revolution’s victory appears certain. Despite that success, Merq knows his leaders won’t let two of their greatest assets simply walk away. But with Armise fighting for his life, getting out becomes Merq’s primary objective.

Almost two decades of selfishness can’t be alleviated with one right decision, and Merq is faced with the reality of how deeply he has wounded Armise in ways that cannot be seen from the outside. Merq’s world has been upended more times than he can count and he’s always survived, but life without Armise is no longer an option. He just has to prove that to Armise.

Merq believes there are few who are strong enough to challenge them when they stand together. But when the secret Armise has been protecting Merq from is revealed, the truth has consequences neither of them can prepare for.

Reader Advisory: This book contains graphic violence, mention of torture and genetic experimentation.

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This book was such a awesome addition to this series!

So wow I really do not know how to start… It is just everything that happened in this book I still can not wrap my head around it and this book surprised me and wow I can not put into words how much I loved it!

There are things Merq will find out about himself and have to work through. There was action and angst plus more of Merq and Armise together which I have loved reading about them getting closer to each other with each book in this series.

Then there was the ending which ugh I just can’t… Don’t get me wrong it was not bad, it was really good but please don’t tell me this is the end because I really just want more of these two men and this amazing world this author created in this series.

Yes every book in this series has violence and they are gritty especially these two men and how alpha they both are. But they fit so well together and the violence in this world fit for what was going on with the war and everything else they were dealing with.

So I will leave this review with….This series was amazing and I loved it! I really hope there will be more and I can not recommend this series enough for those who love Dystopia books like I do and can deal with a world where there is a war these men are fighting which will have violence and dark parts but will also show you what people must do to survive in the world they are living in.



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Sam sleeps little, reads a lot. Happiest in a foreign country. Twitchy when not mentally in motion.


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