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Title: Stinger
Author Name & Publisher: Katya Harris (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 16, 2016 — 53 Pages


Kara was born and raised on the cold mining planet of Reach, and has dreamed her whole life of being somewhere else. Stuck with an abusive mother and a dead end job, she longs to experience the worlds she only sees on the vid-screens.

Then those other worlds come to her by way of a stranger, when she saves his life the night he arrives. From a planet called Haven, Sarit is a breed of human created to survive the unhospitable planet and who are now seen by many as less than human.

Though it causes resentment and brings her new trouble, Kara defends Sarit against abusers and builds a friendship with him that soon becomes the best part of her world. Try as she might though to enjoy the time they have together, even with the danger they face, it’s impossible to forget that eventually Sarit will return to traveling the stars and she’ll be left more alone than ever.

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This was an excellent read! I had a hard time putting it down once I picked it up, which I was not expecting at all. The characters and the world are brought to life on the pages, and they left me wanting more.


The romance in this piece is sweet and warm. It grows from the beginning and just keeps on growing until the end. I would love to see another snippet of these character’s lives and the adventures I’m sure they’re bound to go on.




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Katya is an erotica writer who loves to write about love and lust in all their forms, from light-hearted romance to dark obsession, and across a range of sexualities and genres.

She lives in the UK with her family, two rats and the smuggest ex-stray cat in the world. An unabashed book-lover, she also likes to knit, crochet, and binge-watch tv shows. She’s suffered from insomnia since she was a teenager and if you get between her and her morning cup of coffee, you take your life in your hands. Also, she believes her hair may be demon-possessed or has achieved some sort of sentience–seriously, it’s like a Japanese horror movie.


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