5 stars for Steven & Derrick (Storming Love: Flood #4) by A.C. Katt @ACKatt #MM #fireman

Title: Steven & Derrick
Author Name: A.C. Katt
Publication Date & Length: May 1, 2015, 48 pages


When a flash flood strikes, Steven stays behind at school to find a little girl who hid from the storm. His lover, Derrick, comes to rescue them both but can only get Josie out. Will Derrick be able to get back to the elementary school in time to get Steven or will he lose him to the raging flood waters?

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The Storming Love: Flood stories are part of the second Storming Love anthology. Compared to the Blizzard stories, these are much more cohesive. They all focus on the same flood, in the same small Texas town. Where there were some weaker stories in the Blizzard anthology, the writing of the Flood stories is consistently excellent. Each writer has chosen different men to write about, but the stories interlink and build on each other beautifully. This is a great collection.


Steven and Derrick’s story is one of the more exciting in this anthology. It is a great story to start the series with. The fire chief and the school teacher are at the centre of the action. Steven has to keep his pupils safe, while Derrick has responsibility for the whole town. These were the only two men the series who were in a relationship before the flood, and I enjoyed watching them try to balance their relationship with their professional responsibilities.



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She lives in New Mexico with her husband and new cat who, just as she does loves paper and words. She got a late start to her writing career but is now in a writing frenzy. Go figure!


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