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Title: Spirit (Gothika #4)
Author Name & Publisher: Eli Easton, Jamie Fessenden, Kim Felding, & B. G. Thomas — Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date & Length: October 19, 2015 — 260 pages


Seeing dead people. Haunting and being haunted. Ghosts and those trying to deal with them add a supernatural flair to these four tales of romance.

In Among the Dead, Neil Gaven sees dead people. A gentle ghost guides him to Trist, who needs his help. But Trist is tormented by spirits, so maybe together they can find a way to live among the dead.

Dei Ex Machina is the story of Sabbio, a Roman slave who was killed 1700 years ago. He’s been alone until he meets landscaper Mason. But because they’re separated by centuries, it will take a miracle to make love work.

The Mill brings a supernatural challenge to Frank Carter and his team of paranormal investigators. The owner’s personal psychic, Toby Reese, is supposed to help. Frank doesn’t have much respect for psychics, but when the dangers of the old mill threaten his team, he realizes he and Toby will have to work together to survive.

Mike Ellsworth finds himself suddenly deceased. Now he’s a ghost with lots left undone in Unfinished Business. He’s never been able to be honest with his wife. He’s never been able to tell the man he loves how he feels. He’s barely been able to admit he’s gay. If only there were a way he could make up for all he’s failed to do….

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The Mill by Jamie Fessenden~ Rating: 5 Stars
So I made the mistake of reading this after dark, alone and now I am seriously freaked out lol. This story was so scary at the same time so sad when you find out what really happened to these poor souls. I loved Frank and Toby together. You get your scary ghosts that go bump in the night in this story. You also meet different characters like Frank’s brother and the rest of his team plus a few other characters. So I will leave this review with I loved this story.

Dei ex Machina by Kim Fielding` Rating: 5 Stars
I thought this story was so beautiful but at the same time so painful for everything Mason and Sabbio had to go through. Mason lost someone he loved not almost a year ago when he goes on a trip with his brother and their friends. Well when he is there he meets a older lady who offers to help him say goodbye to his past love. But he ends up sensing Sabbio instead. Poor Sabbio who was a slave and died so young has fallen for Mason but knows their is no way for them to be together. Until he finds two someone’s who are willing to help. I don’t want to give anymore away. So I will leave this review of this story with this story was equal parts beautiful and painful and I loved this story!

Among the Dead by Eli Easton ~ Rating: 5 Stars
Wow talk about a twist I did not see coming at all… This story was so good! Neil was in a accident when he was hit in the head he received a concussion that was when he starts seeing dead people. He sees Edward who was also a medium when he died but he can not communicate with him. Eventually Edwards finds a way to let Neil know that a man named Trist needs his help. So Neil helps him but what happens after that I did not see coming at all! This story was just wow I have no words for how much I loved this story.

Unfinished Business by B.G. Thomas ~ Rating: 4 Stars
So I want to start this review by saying there was something in this story that is one of my no’s I just don’t like reading stories with this in it because once I find out that was going on it always brings the story down for me. So the way it was told in this story and to know it was going on while the other person just yea I cant even say without spoiling this story but I thought the author handled it perfectly.. So Mike was texting while driving which is a huge no no and was hit running a red light. Well he was ghost who could see the people he left behind and other ghosts who were dead. He helped the ghosts move on and tried to talk the ones he left behind through a detective who could hear him. The ending I thought was perfect and once I understood were the author was going with this story and the way the author handled everything that happened even though at first I almost stopped reading because of what I mentioned before I am glad I kept reading because I ended up really liking this story.

All together I thought this stories were perfect for Halloween and I loved these stories!
I would definitely recommend this book!



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