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Title: Snowman
Author Name: Isabelle Rowan
Publication Date & Length: May 4, 2015 — 276 pages


We all find ways to run away. Some do it in seclusion, others in the arms of lovers.

Since the death of his long-time partner, Caleb Maguire lives a quiet life in Australia’s Victorian high country with only his dog and horses for company. Each day is the same. There are no surprises—good or bad—until a major snowstorm hits his mountain and Caleb is called out to rescue a stranded tourist. The late night snow brings with it a lost soul who forces Caleb to reassess his solitary life.

Paul Turner is a barista in the trendy Melbourne suburb of Carlton. He lives life totally in the moment, but a life of no commitments is about to change for this city boy. Three days is all it takes for Paul to fall hard for Caleb, and Paul returns to the city with a promise he’ll be back after turning his life around… but only when all the roads are clear.

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I loved this. A reclusive mountain man rescues a city twink in a snowstorm. Rowan’s characters are beautiful and complex. Her themes are universal: grief and loss, growing up and moving on. I loved the Australia she painted, from the urban energy of Melbourne’s gay scene to Caleb’s beautiful, harsh mountains.


Caleb’s stoic, stubborn independence doesn’t make him an easy man to love. The age difference between the two men is a barrier – but their life experiences prove more divisive. I loved the way the brutal Australian elements kept pulling them together, despite Caleb’s protests.



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Writing was something I always did for fun – then life got in the way. Writing became essays and reports rather than the simple joy of letting a muse guide your pencil. Stories were the stuff of daydreams.

Luckily (for me) I read something on line and thought – I wonder if I can do that? As simple as that! I’m not saying writing comes easily because there are times when I have no clue what I’m doing. But I believe it allowed me to get closer to the person I need to be.

I’m slow, I procrastinate, and can be very frustrating, but it’s only because I care.


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