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Simmering Desire

Title: Simmering Desire (Where There’s Smoke #2)
Author Name: Sibley Jackson
Publication Date & Length: February 26, 2015 – 42pgs


*Note: This short gay romance contains hot gay m/m sex scenes

Andy knows he’s dangerously close to doing something which could cost him his job. He’s hot for his boss’s son, Cody, in spite of the guy being everything he doesn’t want in a man: pretty-faced and in the closet. When he escapes to the woods for a weekend, who should he run into but Cody—and his father. It seems fate is determined to push them together no matter what the cost.

Cody wants Andy so fiercely he can hardly breathe. If he acts on his desire his family might find out, and he knows for a fact they’d all disown him. Too steep of a price to chance a relationship with someone who’s clearly indicated they’re not interested.

Then Andy feels sympathy for Cody and befriends him, helping him come to terms with who he is: a gay man and so much more. At first, they both swear they won’t be anything but friends. After all, there’s too much on the line for each of them.

They can do it. They’re both strong.

Yeah. Right.

*Book 2 of the Where There’s Smoke Series. Each book is a short story and can stand alone but are best read as a series.

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Book 2, story takes off right where book 1 ended.  Love how it was flawless and you didn’t have to presume what happens. Andy turned into an awesome, caring man to Cody. He helped Cody try to understand what he was feeling.  It was so sweet how they decided to hang out but didn’t want to call it a date.  Absolutely loved the movie theater scene, it was adorable how they ended up spending time together.

Sibley Jackson has captured the romance of two eager, but one not  yet out man, perfectly.  A very light hearted romance that’s quick to read, but very enjoyable.
It’ll be nice to see where this non dating relationship (chuckling) leads to. Looking forward to the next installment.






NOTE: Caddy also writes gay m/m romance under the pen name Sibley Jackson. To be notified of new gay m/m romances by email, sing up here: http://tinyurl.com/kwzlad8

The drama of humanity. We live, die, love, hate, win and lose in a never-ending variety of ways. Often those ways are heart-wrenching. Other times they are not.

Why do people make the choices they do? Why do some abuse power? How do the powerless learn to survive? Why do a few dare to be different, while others conform—and why are so many disturbed by those who don’t?These are the questions that have always haunted author Caddy Rowland. Those questions keep her pounding away at her keyboard, creating novels showcasing the sublime joy and bitter tragedy of being human.

Caddy has always been a nonconformist. She likes to push the proverbial envelope when it comes to characterization and world building. Heroes have warts; villains have soft spots. Main characters don’t always learn their lessons because all too often we don’t, either. There isn’t always a happy ending, but sometimes there is. Otherwise she’d be predictable.

She writes for readers who like to think and feel; who like their stories to be raw, graphic, unpredictable, “real” and sometimes brutal. For readers who like their boundaries challenged; to be shown how rarely life decisions are truly black and white, but instead shades of grey.

Think of a carnival midway with books instead of rides. She asks you make sure you’re the minimum height if you plan on riding alone. You must also leave prejudices and inhibitions behind the entry gate. If you can’t, Rowland’s reads might be a tad much for you. Don’t worry. There are plenty of safer reads out there. Just step out of the line and find a more appropriate book for your reading enjoyment.

No, Caddy Rowland’s novels aren’t for everyone. But then again, they just might be for you.


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