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Title: Shell Shocked (Yolks on You #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Jessica Payseur (JMS Books)
Publication Date & Length: March 27, 2016 — 199 pages


When Dominic agrees to join his boyfriend Alec and his kids for a weekend away at the annual Eggstravaganza in Mount Angus, Wisconsin, he’s expecting a boring, if kitschy, experience. He isn’t expecting to discover Alec is cheating on him, and he certainly isn’t expecting an exploding cow to drop him in the middle of a deadly mystery.

Suddenly single and surrounded by a town’s worth of suspects, Dom finds himself oddly drawn to playing the sleuth, especially if it will get him closer to Kiko, the owner of the niche shop Yolks on You.

Together the two men navigate a web of intrigue and lies, and the sniping of a jealous Alec, in a town filled with murder and Easter-themed mayhem. Will they manage to make it through the Eggstravaganza alive, or will the murderer leave them much more than just Shell Shocked?

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This is an intriguing book with murder, mayhem, cheating boyfriend turned ex jealous boyfriend, to explosions, guns, and lots of Easter eggs. So in other words there is something for everyone in this book, including but not limited to finding that one person who makes you think of changing your whole life and taking a chance on love again.

His was really a great book. It holds you captivated from the moment the first explosion takes place. Every time you think the characters, Kiko and Dom, has figured out who it is that is setting the explosions off there is a new twist and turn that tells you …. Nope, you have the wrong person. Then when you get close to the end and you really think that you know who it is finally… You are thrown for another loop and BAM it is not that person either.

Not to mention along the way Kiko and Dom continually get closer to one another and you are left wondering will they work out or are they going to leave it at a vacation fling. Even that is a mystery up to the last moment when you think you finally figured that out also and hen they do what you did not see coming.

If you like a book with action, adventure, mystery, and love lost and love gained…. You will love this book. I know I did and I cannot wait to see what Jessica Payseur will do in the future with new books in the series. Definitely a book that captures your attention and holds it too the very end. It was a great read.



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