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Title: Safety In Numbers (Sizzling Miami #5)
Author Name: Jessie G.
Publication Date & Length: October 31, 2015 – 76,000 Words


“Bros stick together no matter what.”

When Chris and Liam made that promise, they had no idea how important it would become or how it would be tested in the most brutal way. Nine years later, their bond cemented in blood, that relationship is all they have to hold on to.

“No matter what happens, this friendship will be the one constant we can count on.”

When Billy and Owen made that promise, they knew exactly how dangerous the world could be. They survived prison by protecting each other and they survived freedom by holding that promise sacred. Now they want more than just to survive and they want it from the brothers whose bond is as strong as their own.

“We are stronger together than we’ll ever be apart.”

When Owen reaches his breaking point, Chris jumps at the chance to make things right for all of them. With the future in their grasp, will they realize their strength is in their numbers and finally become the family they crave?

Author’s Note: This is NOT a foursome, but the story of two couples that needed to be told together.

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I thought this book was a awesome addition to this series!
Now I will admit I was confused a little bit but that was because I am not really used to reading about two different couples. But it all came together so good! I thought the author wrote Chris and Owens, Liam and Billy’s stories so perfect for them. Since finishing book 3 in this series I have been so excited to read this book because the relationship between these four men seemed so odd to me and now I get it. You can really feel how close this four men are to each other, what a tight bond they have to each other. No this is not a four way relationship. This is definitely two couples finally admitting their feelings to the one they love.
So besides getting to see these two couples grow together you also see some of the characters from the previous books in this series which I loved. But I will say Chris has been my favorite so far, there is just something about a man who is quiet yet so strong and so protective over those he loves. Also when you find out what he did for Liam that just made me love his character more you could defiantly see how much this two brothers cared about each other.
Owen is very shy in this book was Billy was strong but unsure of himself when it came to Liam. I thought when Billy has his talk to Chris about Liam it was so sweet!
So I really don’t want to spoil anymore of this book for anyone, hopeful I did not say to much because this is one you definitely need to read for yourself.

So all together I really loved this book!

I would definitely recommend this series!



This was a sweet story between the four men who all relied upon each other in one way or another.
While it was nice to see how they all learned to work through their stubborn attitudes and past issues, I also felt like it was missing something. Maybe because the first couple books in this series had some drama and I felt like this one was simply missing that.
This book was more about finding a way to work on a relationship that was already there… or how to turn a friendship into something more.
Overall, not a bad read but I like a little more meat to my stories.


That silence hid a lot from their friends, but Liam knew Chris was plagued with memories far worse than his. That’s why they decided not to celebrate alone this year. Billy and Owen were expected any minute and it was the first time they invited anyone to join them. The anniversary was bittersweet for them and they chose to celebrate it because becoming brothers meant that much to them. “Do you think they’ll find it stupid?”

Chris just shrugged as if it was no skin off his back what they thought and Liam knew that was just bravado. Fact was, they both very much cared what the two men thought. “Liar.”

His brother sighed and dropped his head back. As if shit wasn’t fucked up enough, they fell for two bastards just as fucked up as they were. “I know you’re worried about Owen. The business with Colin is growing out of their control and I’m not sure why he thinks it’s a good thing. Is he trying to prove something? And the middle of the night phone calls from the FTR? He’s looking more and more fragile every day.”

Liam knew he wasn’t stating anything new. What he didn’t know was what Chris intended to do about it. Lately, when it came to Owen, Chris conveyed zero intent and seemed to be waiting for Owen to read him as effortlessly as Liam did. Their brother bond had been forged through blood and he was afraid Chris’s expectations of Owen were unreasonable. “Do you see his face every time he thinks he’s failed to understand you? The weight of it is crushing.”

Instead of regret, all Liam saw was anger in Chris. It wasn’t a common emotion for Chris and Liam could name every time he saw it. The fact that Chris knew what he was capable of if provoked had made him extremely conscious of that emotion and he often went to great lengths to contain it.

Owen was the very definition of insecure. Just the type to inspire Chris’s protective instincts, which Liam knew for a fact Owen did. Hell, he inspired Liam’s protective instincts. Owen was stubborn though and he often distanced himself, keeping things bottled up until they manifested elsewhere. Like in panic attacks that felt like heart attacks, which he also tried to hide. Liam nearly lost it when they found out that Billy was keeping Owen’s secret.

Chris nodded slowly, as if he completely followed Liam’s train of thought and waited for him to connect the dots.

And just like that, Liam understood. “You’re pissed because he doesn’t come to you when the panic sets in. That he hides it from you and they hide it from us.”

It made total sense, but he had to wonder if they were expecting too much. After all, they couldn’t call what was going on with either man a relationship. No, they were four fucked up bastards trying to come together in some romantic—what? Not a foursome, eww…he loved Chris, but yeah, that just wasn’t happening. And Owen wasn’t his type any more than Billy was Chris’s type. But—always with the fucking buts, right?—what was happening was very definitely happening to the four of them, and Liam now had to wonder if that was the problem, because trying to come together was definitely not the same as being together.

Chris shook his head and shifted in his seat. No, he was right. It wasn’t just their brother bond that made it impossible to move forward as two separate couples. Billy and Owen had formed their own unique friendship in prison and were no more likely to move forward without the other one either. “Just once, couldn’t we have done something the easy way?”

The fire door banged open and Liam turned to see Billy and Owen, arms full of brightly wrapped packages, struggling to pull a huge cluster of balloons through the door. It was a shocking contrast to their dark thoughts and so uncharacteristically sweet of both men. Billy caught their surprised stare and yelled, “Is this where the party’s at?”

“It is now.” It might seem silly, but it was exactly what they needed and exactly who they needed it from. Maybe they hadn’t been expecting too much at all. Liam rose to give them a hand and glanced down to see the look of longing in Chris’s eyes and thought maybe it was time they all expected more.


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Can you describe in detail what your writing environment is like?

I have a beautiful office with a glass desk, dual monitors, and lots of bookcases and pictures of beautiful boys hanging on the wall. Really, it should be the perfect place to write. It’s not. When I sit at that desk, I do other work. Promo, interviews, graphics, social media, and of course, my other job (I’m a web designer). If I really want to write, I grab the laptop and go find another spot. Sometimes it’s my balcony, sometimes it’s the kitchen, and other times it’s the recliner in the living room while my husband’s watching TV. I have zero understanding of why my perfect writing spot doesn’t work, but that’s the way it is.

2) Is there one of your characters that you relate to (from any of your works)? Why?

Sure. Chase’s OCD in Tricking Chase is a direct reflection of my own. Kyle’s independence in The Protector, doing whatever is necessary from a young age to find his way in the world is also a direct reflection of me (though, no, I was not a porn star, but I was out on my own at 18). I believe we writers leave a little bit of ourselves in every book, so yes, without listing all the ways (good or bad), there’s something I can relate to in all my characters.

3) If you couldn’t be an author, what would you do instead?

Sad. I’m a web designer as well and the more books I publish, the less I like designing. My goal is to someday leave that career behind and just devote my efforts to writing.

4) Is there anything that you learned during the writing process that you wish you had known before hand?

That no matter how many classes you take, how much advice you seek out, you cannot mimic someone else and put out a truly creative project. Once I let go of all the “should haves” and “must dos” and just wrote the story in my head, it flowed like honey. I pay an editor to make sure that creative process doesn’t veer too far from the rules.

5) Is there anything that you wish you could change about your book now that it is out?

Nope. I love it. It’s my baby. Can’t wait to write the sequel novellas…..yep, two

6) How do you come up with new ideas for your story?

In this series, I just wait for the characters to talk to me. Devils Pride MC Series came to me after being at the Americade Motorcycle rally in Lake George and the upcoming Forgotten Soldier series came to me after watching one of those weepy welcome home videos on the internet. I also have a mini-series set in New Orleans in the pipeline that came to me after reading an article about a historic district in NOLA.

7) What’s next for you as a writer?

I have a surprise, free short story coming out on 11/11 for Veterans Day that will introduce my new Forgotten Soldier series, then early 2016 will bring the second installment in the Devils Pride MC Series (Snake’s book).

8) Where do you live? Do you think this influences how or what you write?

I’m a native New Yorker who raised her kids in South Florida. I think the influence is real

9) What is your favorite genre outside of the one you write in? Why?

Paranormal. Love me some ghosts, vamps and werewolves. It’s a chance to fully suspend reality and just dive into someone else’s world. I don’t expect it to look like the world we live in, which is something that is sometimes a detriment to contemporary romance. My books take place in modern day Florida, but it’s still the world in my head. If I change things up to suit the story, those who know the area will (and have) called me on it. In Paranormal books, adhering to the real facts isn’t important, though world building does require the author to be consistent and remember the details of the world they are creating.

10) Do you have any vices? Shoes, coffee, shopping…etc?

Ketel One, Chocolate, and Cockyboys 😉


Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I’d begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: to be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it’s a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With six published books to date, three series in the works and a full schedule of releases planned for the next two years, it’s been amazing to have made this dream my reality.

I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics and happily ever after. I’m a lover of strong secondary characters and series filled with families, biological or chosen. All are themes you’ll find throughout my books.


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