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Title: The Runaway Millions (Runaway Model #w)
Author Name & Publisher: Parker Avrile (Paris April Press)
Publication Date & Length: April 12, 2016 – 261 Pages


They’re the perfect couple until the money runs out…

Kyle, a rising model, is the toast of Manhattan. Bryce, a wildcatter who got rich in the Bakken gas fields, is an inch away from becoming America’s newest billionaire.

But their world is turned upside-down when a competing oil company wrests away Bryce’s business, his personal jet, and even his condo. Bryce has no choice but to scramble to save his career– even though a famous rock star is sniffing around in hopes of claiming Kyle for his own.

When Kyle steps forward to defend another model accused of a terrible crime, he’s deported. The tabloids follow him, happy to spread rumors about his alleged affairs with the beautiful and the famous of Europe.

Can love survive when one man is on his way up while the other is on his way down? When an ocean divides the lovers? When the gossip columns can’t help stirring the pot? The Runaway Millions is Book 2 in The Runaway Model trilogy. This 78,000 word full-length novel complete with a HEA can be read as a stand-alone but if you prefer to read the series in order, please start with The Runaway Model.

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I just thought that the Runaway Model was emotional but I have to say this book out did book one. I have to say I was in tears in certain parts of this book.

This book is a continuation of book one. It literally picks up where book one left off. Much like book one there was some major twist and turns through out the whole book. There was definitely some ups and downs where the two main characters Bryce and Kyle was concerned.

I think that with everything that Kyle went through in book one that in book two you was able to see how much he has grown as person. Whereas most people would have walked away from Michel so they did not take a chance of being taken down with him, Kyle did the opposite. Even with the few doubts he had he stood beside Michel and do not give up on him. Also I think that another way I was able to see that Kyle grew up in this book was because even though he had the opportunities to cheat on Bryce with Stoney, he knew that he would be throwing away real love for a fantasy love. So he did not stoop to doing that. He held on to the love that he felt for Bryce in the good and bad times.

Bryce lost pretty much everything in this book but he did not let that stop him. He is determined to get back what he lost but he is not willing to give up the love of a good man to do it. Bryce may be older then Kyle but I think that Kyle actually taught Bryce hat it means to truly love and trust someone. These two men have been through so much together and they still come out on top. That is what love is all about. Holding on to those that are close to you in the good and bad and coming through it all together.

This was another amazing read by Parker Avrile and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series because I can only imagine it will be another incredible read.



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I ran away to Vegas. Now I’m running from it. Currently, I’m in an undisclosed location writing slightly spicy, slightly angsty male/male romances that explore the glittering world of beautiful male models, talented yet troubled musicians, and alleged billionaires who may not be what they appear to be.

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