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Title: Ruminations (Hiding Behind The Couch)
Author Name: Debbie McGowan
Publication Date & Length: February 14, 2015 – 180pgs


Seventeen-year-old Josh Sandison has been waiting his whole life to go to university. Gifted – and bullied for being different – he hopes moving away to study will mean a change for the better. Instead he encounters the unexpected, when strange things start happening in his room – the blinds falling down by themselves and notes from an illiterate prankster.

Add to this the myth of the haunted third floor, and cynical Josh has had just about enough, when Sean Tierney arrives at university, three days late and with not a penny to his name. The two strike up an unlikely friendship, bonded by their passion for learning and compassion for others.

But will their intellectual prowess be enough to solve once and for all the mystery of the third floor?

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I loved this gem of a book. The characters, even the ones who don’t appear “on-screen,” are well-developed. I think this is likely because this book is part of a larger series, so clearly Ms. McGowan knows her characters, and that shines through even though we don’t see them all in this installment.The story is witty and charming. Josh is one of my new favorite characters. He’s quirky and interesting, and I loved watching him try to sort things out.

For the benefit of readers, I do want to point out that this is not a romance, and there is no same-sex pairing in this particular story. However, this is definitely one that falls under the bigger rainbow, and anyone who has ever felt the way Josh does will be glad to see themselves reflected in his tale.

I can’t wait to get my hands on and. McGowan’s other books. She’s earned herself a new fan.

5 stars



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Author, publisher, social scientist. My academic specialism is gender and sexual politics and identity, so you can expect this to crop up now and then in my writing too! Not in an “in your face” kind of way – subtlety wins hearts and minds.

I live in Lancashire, UK, with family and rescued dogs. It’s green and pleasant, and we get long, long, lovely perfumed days in late spring / early summer. My favourite place in the world is Watergate Bay, Cornwall, but I haven’t travelled much. The most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced is the call to prayer at 11 p.m. on a terrace in Istanbul. Goosebumps+ and I’m an atheist!

I write character-based/driven fiction – mostly general/contemporary, some (M/M & F/M) romance and a bit of sci-fi fantasy (light). Basically, I write about life. I’ve written a few stand alone novels and short stories, but my main work is the Hiding Behind The Couch series, which these days I’m referring to as a literary soap opera. Each novel/novella concludes, but there are always a few loose ends to be picked up and threaded on to the next instalment. There are longer threads and shorter threads.

I know readers find it hard to navigate a series, so I put together a timeline (http://debbiemcgowan.co.uk/HBTC_timel…).

Here it is in order (November, 2014):

1. Beginnings (novella)
2. Hiding Behind The Couch (book #1)
3. No Time Like The Present (book #2)
4. The Harder They Fall (book #3)
5. Crying in the Rain (standalone)
6. First Christmas (novella)
7. In The Stars Part I (book #4)
8. Breaking Waves (novella)
9. In The Stars Part II (book #5)
10. A Midnight Clear (novella – Nov/Dec 2014 – included in Boughs of Evergreen)
11. Red Hot Christmas (novella – December 2014)
12. Two by Two (season #6 – 2015)

You can currently read book 1 and 2 for free on Goodreads, or download book 1 and the short prequel Beginnings from my website (www.debbiemcgowan.co.uk). I will also send a free ebook to anyone who asks nicely! Why? I write because I have to. I want you to read and, hopefully, enjoy the worlds I “channel”.

I also run a socialist (profit share) independent publishing company: Beaten Track Publishing


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