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Title: Roped(Guards of Folsom #4)
Author Name: SJD Peterson
Publication Date & Length: May 12, 2014 – 210 pgs


Life has been known by a series of constants: Violence, anger, drugs, sex, death, heartbreak, pain, fear and the most common, hunger; Always hunger. Not the kind that can be satisfied with food, but the kind born of circumstance. The kind that not only claws within a gut, but settles into a heart, consumes a mind. Deeper—Encircles, penetrates the soul. Hunger for something more, something better, safer. Always just out of grasp—Craving—Starved.
It’s part of me.
Who I am.
Born of blood and violence, hunger is my fate.
Yet, the slightest things can change the directions of a life. An unplanned circumstance, random act—a connection—a chance event, like a lightning strike, fate is trumped.
Jamie is my lightning strike.
Tek Cain

Tek Cain was cultivated from birth to lead the motorcycle gang, Crimson Eight. Jamie Ryan, his best friend, is destined to be his second. But forbidden desires have them questioning everything they know, and an undeniable bond makes them want more than their supposed brotherhood can provide. Their love could get them killed, but they are bound to each other—from the cradle to the grave.

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I have read all the books in this series and this one was a little different, it didn’t focus on the BDSM element, that came at almost the end of the book. This book focused on the relationship between Tek and Jamie. These two grew up together, they were best friends, brothers and then ran the MC together. I usually do not like MC books, but this one was good, the story and relationship development between Tek and Jamie was great, it was a steady build up and it was worth the wait. These two were meant for each other and you could feel that when you were reading the story. This book had everything, love, hate, action, angst, you name it. My favorite part was towards the end when someone saw Jamie’s tattoo and said to Tek “do you have Jamie’s name on your back too”? I actually shed a little bit of a tear because it showed how much Jamie loved Tek and for how long he had loved him.  I actually wished the book was longer, I fell in love with this couple and didn’t want it to end. I hope there will be more books in the series and that we hear about these two again.



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It’s been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan’s Desire in January 2011. I’ve published 2 free reads with the M/M Romance group, my back list is growing, met some great people and have made some amazing friends.
I’m still in shock that I’m listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press! The little voice in the back of my head is screaming, “You are so out of your league.”
Shhhhh I won’t tell them if you don’t 🙂

You can call me Jo, everyone does 🙂


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