5 Stars for Rock N Soul by Lauren Sattersby #MM #Romance @LaurenSattersby


Title: Rock N Soul
Author Name & Publisher: Lauren Sattersby (Riptide Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: January 16, 2016 – 434 pgs


I’m Tyler Lindsey, and until recently, I had an okay apartment, an okay girlfriend, and an okay job as a bellboy at a respectable Boston hotel. Then rock star Chris Raiden died right before I brought his room service—stiffing me on the tip, by the way—and my life went to hell. My fifteen minutes of fame was more like five seconds, and my girlfriend left me in disgust.

But even worse—Chris is haunting me. Not the room where he died, like a normal ghost. No, somehow he’s stuck to me and is insisting on taking care of a bunch of unfinished business in California. So now I have to traipse across the country with the world’s most narcissistic ghost.

But . . . I keep having these weird thoughts. Thoughts about how much I like the way he makes me laugh. Thoughts where I kind of want to kiss the emo-narcissist, even though he’s a ghost and an asshole and I can’t touch him anyway. And even if I could, what will happen when he finishes his business and nothing’s keeping him here anymore?

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This book was equal parts funny and sad that a life was lost much to soon.

So Tyler is a bell boy at the hotel a famous rock star is staying at. Well one night while bringing him room service he finds him dead.
Chris is the famous rock star who died much to soon and eventually latches on to Tyler in his ghost form.

The banter between Tyler and Chris the ghost was hilarious and I have to say I honestly loved them to together. I was just sad did not happen for them while Chris was alive. Tyler helps Chris by saying good bye to loved ones in Chris’s life for him so that he can move on, but in the process of that happening these two men fall hard for each other and just wow!!! I can’t even say how much I loved these two men were together.

Now there was a part at the end that did have me crying so this is my warning to have your tissues ready while reading this book because yes some of this was so sad to me but the way everything works out.. I loved it and I was so happy for them!!!

I loved the way this author wrote this story and these characters!!

All together I really loved this book!
I would definitely recommend this book!



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