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Title: Reasonable Doubt (Boys in Blue #2)
Author Name: Mia Watts
Publication Date & Length: June 21, 2010 – 63pgs


Book two in the Boys in Blue Series Geo and Mack have faced a lot of problems, but when the problem is within their relationship, will Mack come clean and claim his man, or lose him to an old flame? Geo Wilson’s feelings for his partner Mack Sullivan run deep. But formerly straight Mack grows distant when Geo’s old flame, a former female detective gone FBI, comes to town to take over the lead on their case. Geo makes no effort to discourage the woman, and Mack wonders if he missed the break up memo. Geo’s apparent rejection hurts and Mack begins to have reasonable doubts about where they stand. For Mack, taking the next step is a huge risk and one Geo has never taken before. Geo’s friendliness with the former girlfriend could be a sign of changing affection. It wouldn’t be the first time Geo has left a broken heart in his wake and Mack’s beginning to wonder if he’s just become another notch in Geo’s belt. All that’s left now is the case and as it comes to a close, will Mack and Geo catch the killer only to lose each other? Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of M/M intimacy, and is best read in sequence after Bad Boys, Bad Boys.

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This was a continuation of Mack and Geo’s relationship from Book 1 in the series.
We get to see what happens when Geo’s ex fiancee comes back into town and takes over the big case they’ve been working on. Can Mack handle the amount of jealousy he encounters? Does their relationship stand up against an old flame?
Once again Mia Watts just amazes me. It was really great seeing how their relationship grew and the men themselves learned new things not only about their partner, but themselves.
The sex was hotter, the frustration was palpable and the conclusion was exciting. I can’t wait to see where the next couple leads to!

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