5 Stars for Ravenhearth by Lotus Oakes #MM #Fantasy


Title: Ravenhearth
Author Name & Publisher: Lotus Oakes (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 17, 2016


In a world covered by a deadly miasma, humans survive by way of the protection of powerful mages known as Keepers. In the town of Ravenhearth, the Keeper requests a companion from the village every ten years. What happens to them after those ten years, no one knows, for none has ever returned.

Ash is a young orphan who dreams of learning magic. When the newest request for a companion arrives, he volunteers. But when he arrives, he finds a place nothing like the fearful whispers shared around the village. Instead, he slowly grows to be a part of the close-knit family of the Keeper’s castle—and falling for Giles, the butler of Ravenhearth, instead of the Keeper he’s been sent there to attend.

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Ash was a orphan after his mother dies leaving him in a new town all alone. He has been dreaming about volunteering to be a companion to the keeper for awhile now and as soon as the opportunity comes he jumps on the chance. He is so nervous and shy so when he gets there he has a hard time with some of the people at the castle. But then there was Giles who is the steward of the castle who takes him under his wing.

Okay I have to be honest a say I figured out who was who pretty early on in this story but I think that the way Ash really had no clue made this this story so much sweeter! I really loved some of the characters in this story, well everyone but the twins because they were really mean and I was not a huge fan of theirs. But my favorite character was Ash because he was so sweet and shy but at the same time strong at the end when he went after who he loved and cared for.

I loved this world this author created and this story! Also loved the way this author wrote these characters. You get so much sweet with this story and a little bit of angst and steam. I really loved the way everything came together in this book and I honestly did not want this story to end.

All together I loved this story!
I would recommend this book!



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