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Title: Promises Part I (Bounty Hunters #1)
Author Name & Publisher: A.E. Via (Via Star Wings Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: October 16, 2015 – 260 pgs


Duke Morgan owns and operates one of the largest bail bond companies in Atlanta. Not only does he bond criminals out of jail, he and his notorious group of bounty hunters will also track them down and ensure they show up for court.

Roman ‘Quick’ Webb is Duke’s business partner and best friend. Both men are in their forties and have given up on the happily ever after with the ranch-style home, and white picket fence. They’d both tried it and failed miserably. But they have their friendship and they have the business.

When Quick’s son, Vaughan Webb returns – after seven years – from studying abroad with his law degree in hand, he’s back to claim what he’s always wanted…his fathers’ best friend… Duke Morgan. Vaughan has always claimed to be a classic gentleman with an old soul. He didn’t party and screw up in school like his buddies. He was focused and dedicated to becoming the man worthy of Duke’s love.

It’s a complex and messy situation as Duke and Quick figure out how to still be best friends when one of them is sleeping with his friend’s one and only son. But when Duke is hurt on the job, all the unimportant trivialities fall to the wayside and Vaughan and Quick put their heads together to save Duke.

Part I of the Promises story is about Duke and Vaughan. Part II will be about Quick and his realization that it’s not too late for any of them to find love.

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With this book you get Vaughn who has been in love with Duke for a long time but never acted on it.
Duke Owns his own bail bonds business and he has been hurt in the past when someone he loved did not return his feelings.
Now I want to say I loved this two together yes this was a slow burn but the way everything worked together I thought it was just so good!
What Vaughn does for Duke was just so sweet and honestly awesome, this is where I want to say how good it was that there was not any unneeded drama around it which sometimes happens in books and I can say I am not a huge fan of so it was really good that something that special Vaughn had done for Duke was accepted without to much anger or any unnecessary break ups.
I honestly love the way A.E. Via writes Alpha’s in her books and the Steam which there may of not have been lot of but to me there perfect amount and it was so very hot!!!
You meet some new characters in this book too which I honestly can not wait to read Quick’s book!!
There was action in this book and a lot of sweet too which I thought everything worked together in this story perfectly and I was on the edge of my seat hoping for the best for these two men. I also loved the age gap in this book there is just something about a older alpha man that is just so hot!!

So all together I really loved this book!
I would definitely recommend this book!



Ok, this was very romantic. Like, so sweet, OMG so romantic. Just my type of romance haha. Duke Morgan, badass bounty hunter,  is nursing a broken heart (even though he says he’s not) and here comes Vaughan, the sexy, sexy son of his best friend and co-worker.
Vaughan has been in love with Duke since he was a teenage, like 14. There’s a slight age gap between them, like over 12 years, but Vaughan doesn’t care. He’s gonna get his man and he got him. He made sure to graduate at the top of his class to become a lawyer to prove that he could be a good match for Duke.
I was rooting for him. Poor Duke needed so much love and affection and Vaughan was right there to give it to him. Hell, he even gave him a kidney! Now that’s love, people. There’s some back story with Duke’s ex lover and I guess I have to hunt that book down cause I’m curious lol.
I can’t wait for Quick’s story. It should be interesting.
FourStarsIn the first book of this new series, AE Via rejects the crude action-comedy formula that made her Nothing Special series a hit in favour of a gentler, more tender tone that will appeal to a slightly different audience.
With Judge and Michaels’ story in the last Nothing Special book as a bridge, Promises follows the members of Judge’s bounty hunter business rather than the members of God and Day’s team.  Judge’s boss and former partner Duke stars this time, and his best friend Quick’s son Vaughn is his younger love interest.  As in any AE Via book, the men are hot and the chemistry is brilliant.
For me, this was a little bit too saccharine.  I love God and Day’s rough, rude and vaguely open relationship.  I’m more ambivalent about Vaughn and Duke’s fated, self-sacrificing love.  But this is a personal preference.  All the readers who have complained about explicit group sex in the Nothing Special series will appreciate the monogamy and emotional angst in this new story.  Personally, I wanted more car chases and explosions.
There is very little action in this story.  Duke is injured at the start of the book in one of two action sequences.  The remainder of the story revolves around his injury and recovery.  I think AE Via writes better action scenes than medical scenes.  The accuracy of the medical details irritated me – and I was beginning to irritate my Nephrologist husband with my questions by the end.  Note – Nephrologists are physicians, not surgeons.  They also treat kidneys, not gunshot wounds. But aside from a poncey name, Dr. Chauncey is cute enough that I’d let him treat just about anything – and in this story, he does.  Hell, he even makes home visits.
The May to December thing usually irritates me, but aside from a few squirmy moments when Duke is about to shag his best friend’s son in his best friend’s house, 31 and 45 doesn’t seem like an untenable age gap.  Again, we meet God and Day as 20 something rookies – I think the author is going for an older, more restrained audience here.
This is very sweet and very touching.  Our men still wear leather and carry guns, but this is more heartfelt than anything I’ve read by AE Via before.  Personally, I much prefer the Nothing Special series.  There is only so much bedside hand-wringing I can tolerate.  I did love Vaughn’s ability to talk dirty, though I spent much of the book wishing for more than talk.~SarahFiveStars

This was a great book. I don’t think I’ve read any of A.E. Via’s books in the past so I was very happy to find that this was such a great read.
There is a lot of turmoil that happens between the characters, but I absolutely couldn’t put it down because it was believable and extraordinarily well written.
I have to say I loved Vaughan and his dedication to Duke even before they’d become a couple. Not to mention he was HOT… Just SMOKIN.. Not to mention incredibly giving and loving and just… *sigh* the perfect man. He was willing to do for a man he hadn’t even told he loved yet things that people who’ve spent years together wouldn’t do.
Duke was so great too. He was so strong and manly and fantastic. He’s been through heartbreak when the man he thought he loved leaves him for someone much younger than him. However, once he experiences what it’s really like to be with someone who wants you for the right reason, he knows he was never in love with Judge.
Sure, there were times where it will probably come off as a bit cheesy to some people, but those are people that likely haven’t been in a situation where you really find out who is going to be there for you and who is only a poser… even if they didn’t realize which side they were on until then.
Anywho… Great story. Great love story about dedication that is over the top and just what someone needs when the worst happens.
 ThreeandHalfStarsThis book had me lost and I think that may have been because I still have not read Don’t Judge first. The book itself wasn’t bad, I liked the authors writing style and the editing was really good but that did not surprise me as I’ve read books from this author before. This book had sizzling hot scenes and a lot of chemistry between the characters; it also over-the-top romance and overused terms of endearment. I also felt that Duke and Vaughan just became involved too quickly. There should have been more to the relationship than just jumping in bed. I certainly hope the author thinks more about relationships before writing Quick’s story. Not everything can be insta-love.


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A.E. Via is still a fairly new author in the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, she devotes herself to her family–a husband and four children, her two pets, a Maltese dog and her white Siamese cat, ELynn, named after the late, great gay romance author E. Lynn Harris.

While she has just released her fifth novel, she has plenty more to come. So stalk her – she loves that – because the male on male action is just heating up!

Go to A.E. Via’s official website for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, and where she’ll appear next.


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