5 Stars for Mating Addiction (Fated Date Agency #5) by Abraham Steele #MM #Paranormal


Title: Mating Addiction (Fated Date Agency #5)
Author Name & Publisher: Abraham Steele
Publication Date & Length: August 31, 2015 – 212 pgs


“Either fuck me, suck me, or get the hell out of my apartment.”

Disowned by his family, cut off from his pack, Raymond Fusco lives for the next conquest. And he’s definitely making one tonight. There’s no way he’s going to close off the weekend without pumping his cum into a hot, willing asshole. Any of the anonymous guys messaging him will do. The young alpha’s standards aren’t exactly high – there’s no point when he’s only going to see them once. The new guy who just emailed him stands out, though. Not only does Diago have a gorgeous face and cock, his way with words is also intriguing. Why would he refer to Grindr as an “agency”?

A week after breaking up with his first and only boyfriend, Diago Ayling has finally heard back from the Fated Date Agency. The lovelorn omega just got his heart stomped on, and now he’s ready to find the real thing: his fated mate. Even though Raymond told him to come straight to his place, Diago is picturing flowers and candlelight for their first date.

Diago is about to get a whole lot more than he bargained for. Then again – so is Raymond…

Mating Addiction is Book 5 of the Fated Date Agency series. It also stands alone as a complete 200-page gay shifter mpreg romance novel.

Guaranteed HEA ending with no cheating and no cliffhangers!

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Raymond has a addiction which causes his him to hook up a lot with one night stands he meets on the computer.
Then he gets a message Diago not realizing it came from his mate he thinks Diago is just another hook up.

Now it took me awhile to warm up to Raymond because at first the way he treats Diago I was not a big fan of. But once I started understanding his character more and the way his feelings grow for Diago to love and protectiveness made me love his character by the end of this book.

I liked how strong Diago’s character was which was a good thing with as much as he had to put up with from Raymond. There was also a sweet caring side to him too.

Loved the way this author wrote these character and this story!

All together I Loved this book!
I would recommend this book!



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