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Title: Major Performance (Performance #3)
Author Name: Sibley Jackson (aka Caddy Rowland)
Publication Date & Length: November 21, 2014 – 38pgs


*Note: This short gay romance contains hot gay m/m sex scenes.

Z and Jason have been partners for two years. Even though neither had dreamed they’d find a man they’d want to spend a lifetime with, it seemed fate decided to prove them wrong.

However, Z’s tours with his band are getting longer and more frequent. Jason is determined to make it work, regardless. Then he gets the opportunity he’d always dreamed of—before he’d met Z. Jason accepts and goes home to tell Z. After all, he’s always said he’ll stand by Z if his band goes national. It only stands to reason Z will stand behind him.

But Z has news of his own. And when he tells it, the two lovers will find the most difficult test the couple has ever encountered staring them in the face.

They believe their love is strong and will get them through anything.

Time and distance might tell a different story.

*Book 3 of the Performance Series. Each book is a short story and can stand alone but are best read as a series.

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Major Performance
5 stars

Book 3  of the Performance Series, it’s  like reading chapters in a novel except you need to wait for the next one.  These short stories of this adorable couple keep you wanting to know what’s going to happen next.  Will they be able to survive this separation, I’m rooting for them!

The dialogue was great in this book.  It’s written so well that the characters feel so real.
Loved how they both get an opportunity at their jobs at the same time.  But both struggle with what could happen next.

It was written with such sympathy and understand of the characters feelings. The authors writing has a way to pull you in, wanting to know what’s going to happen next.


I appreciated that there was much more going on in this part than the previous one. Things were taking off, and it was clear the story was going somewhere. There was some nice tension as both men had to make decisions about their careers, and I liked that they were encouraging of each other to pursue it.

However, I really, really disliked the way they constantly went on about being “real men.” If a character is comfortable in his masculinity, there is absolutely no need for an author to remind us all the time that he’s a man. Show us by his personality and actions, not by telling us. And if he’s insecure, another character needs to play foil to that and show him that real men don’t need to puff up and say it all the time. Not only that, I was very angry and put off by the constant femme-bashing and women-bashing. It’s gross.


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Sibley Jackson is a pen name author Caddy Rowland writes under when writing gay m/m romance. You will find a complete biography of all of Caddy Rowland’s work by copying and pasting this link in your browser: amazon.com/author/caddyrowland. Additionally, her works under the name Sibley Jackson also appear here.


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