5 Stars for Love Games: A Lesbian Romance by Mia Archer #FF #Romance


Title: Love Games: A Lesbian Romance
Author Name: Mia Archer
Publication Date & Length: December 17, 2015 – 147 pgs


She may be the best, but I’m better. And I’m going to prove it!

Love, lust, and competition.

Anna went to the annual Gathering for Alternate Realms just looking for a little fun. Already one of the top-ranked players of the blockbuster alternate reality game, she expected nothing more than a good time and some real competition.

What Anna didn’t expect was Erin: the best player to ever grace the game and the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen.

Sparks fly as the competition between the two gamer girls heats up. Always the very best, neither wants to tear their eye from the prize, but the more time they spend trying to defeat one another the more they start to realize that what’s in front of them might just be far more valuable than winning any game!

Love Games is the latest novel by Mia Archer, author of your favorite geeky lesbian romances!

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I reveled in this book. Finally, a book that celebrates the geek. I’m not sure whether Archer plays any games like this, but she’s definitely got the avid dedication and fandom down. It was easy to see how the love of the game in her story intersected with the experiences I’ve had in the gaming community. And there’s just a way to speak – to eat, breathe, and live geek and gamer, that she conveys so absolutely believably in this story. Another hit.

The pacing in this book is fast and furious. It has to be since the events take place over just a couple of days, but rather than rushing me, it made me want to read faster so I could find out what happened next. It also kind of mirrors that feeling of getting caught up in a game so totally that you have to just keep going, keep playing. And that mirrors that heady rush that comes with attraction, lust, and possibly love. The only thing I didn’t like about the pace is that it seems really quick for a relationship. And that’s possibly why the story ended the way it did, making the reader sure that our two heroines were going to see each other again, and were going to try to make their relationship work, but not making any extravagant exclamations of undying love. Which was a bit of a letdown, but infinitely more realistic. And you get the idea that the two like each other enough to really work at being together. All in all, this was an exciting read for the geek in me, and a pretty satisfying one for the romantic in me. Definitely worth it.

Amy P.


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