5 Stars for It Was a Thursday by Carol Lynne #MM #Sad


Title: It Was a Thursday
Author Name & Publisher: Carol Lynne (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: November 17, 2015 – 118 pgs


It was a Thursday. The day one eighteen-year-old gunman would change the lives of an entire town.

Principal Mark Kurtz loved his school. He worked hard to give his students every advantage in life, but he could have never predicted that on a warm day in May, a distraught senior would commit an unimaginable act of vengeance on his classmates.

In the aftermath of the shooting that left both students and faculty members dead, Mark must deal with his own guilt while trying to help those around him feel safe once again.

Mark’s problems are compounded when an old flame, Lane Warner, arrives in town to help treat the trauma victims. How can he possibly deal with his own guilt, be there for his seventeen-year-old son and confront the part of himself he’s always denied while trying to heal a broken community?

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With this book we get Principal Mark who has just gone through something horrible at his school. He is having a hard time with everything that happened and is not processing it very well. Which I do not blame him after seeing everything he did I could not even imagine going through anything like that.

Lane who is a counselor comes to town to help the students with their grief over losing fellow class mates. He also happens to be Mark’s old flame from collage which I honestly was not a fan of what Mark did to him back then.

Old feelings come up in this story which cause these two men to grow closer and rekindle the old flame they had with each other. I thought the way this author wrote this story which was at times painful and so very sad, as a parent I could not even imagine going through something like this. But there was also very good moments too with the way Lane was there for Mark along with the way Mark’s son Max was there for him too.

All together I really loved the way this author wrote this book even though it was very sad to read!



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