5 stars for In The Hours of Darkness (No Man’s Land #1) by Tygati #MM #scifi @LT3Press


Title: In the Hours of Darkness (No Man’s Land #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Tygati — Less Than Three Press
Publication Date & Length: Sept 30, 2015 — 33 pages


On the frontier planet No Man’s Land, Sheriff Charlie Colcord upholds the law and protects the people of Deadwood Gulch. His job is difficult and often dangerous due to the vicious native creatures which inhabit the plains and mountains of Noman, but Charlie and his riders have one advantage: dragons.

But the dragons come with their own difficulties in the way of a secret known only to a few. Charlie is a man used to keeping secrets, and it’s not the dragons’ secret that keeps him up at night. His secret is known to only one other, and keeping it makes their lives complicated enough that hunting monsters on the plains of Noman is almost relaxing.

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Wow this book was so good!
Charlie is the sheriff who protects the people from Alien monsters in his town. He has a dragon named Zorevan who he is very close to in all ways. I have to say the world this author made was amazing and I loved the charters that Tygati created in this book! I honestly did not want to stop reading this book. It grabbed me from the start and I could not put it down. I don’t want to give away any of this Novella because it was so good you really need to read this one for yourself.

All together I really loved this Novella!
I would definitely recommend this book!



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