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Title: Icon Men (Icon Men #1-3)
Author Name: Cat Grant
Publication Date & Length: November 25, 2014 – 374 pgs


Icon Men — all three books in Cat Grant’s EPIC Award-winning series, available together for the first time in this special edition boxed set. Set in the glittery world of Manhattan nightlife, the men who work at the Icon bar share friendships, family, laughter, heartache…and passion.

The First Real Thing

Cameron is the most sought-after escort in New York. He has only rule: never let anyone in. But when he picks up ad man Trevor Barclay in a hotel bar, Trev’s shy smile and soft green eyes have Cameron forgetting all the rules. Their steamy encounters leave Cameron shaken, breathless – and falling in love for the first time in his life. But how can he tell Trevor the first man he’s been with in sixteen years sells himself for a living?

Appearing Nightly

Diva Michelle is the hottest drag act in the Manhattan bar scene. But behind the diva is Mike, a lonely man nursing a crush on the Icon’s hot new employee. Ryan’s not just another pretty face – the quiet, skittish young man’s holding back secrets. He may find comfort in Mike’s bed, but he’s not sure if he can trust Mike with the pain of his past.

A Fool for You

Brian Barclay is trying to make it in the New York music scene, but he doesn’t count on his boyfriend Kit stealing all the songs they wrote together. Kicked out of his own band, Brian has no choice but to ask his estranged father Trevor and his partner Cameron for help. Brian and Cameron quickly clash – Brian still blames him for his parents’ divorce – and when tensions at home escalate, Brian finds himself leaning on sexy blues guitarist Chase Aubrey. Chase and Brian make beautiful music onstage and off, but when Chase’s past threatens their newfound happiness, Brian fears he’s about to be played for a fool yet again.

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These were wonderful books! I loved each one separately, but enjoyed them even more together.

I loved how Grant used the three books to tell three different stories, yet they were all connected too.  Grant did an amazing job!

The First Real Thing was fantastic – it was a true “finding yourself” story. I enjoyed both main characters and the secondary characters were equally great. Cam and Trent were amazing and despite Cam’s less than stellar background, this story was a real relationship. It wasn’t all hearts and roses – there were struggles realistic to life. (Well, ok, so maybe not “realistic” in the sense that you forgot to tell someone you were an escort, but still…)

Appearing Nightly was a story that melted my heart. I would have liked to have this one be a little longer, as it felt slightly rushed to me, but I enjoyed the twists and turns in this one a lot. Mike was truly a great character and Ryan, while somewhat clueless, was able to pull it together.

A Fool for You was my favorite of the three.  I was able to relate to these characters the most. I don’t know if it was because they were musicians or seemed younger, but these characters really spoke to me. The hardships that this couple endured – the forgiveness and love were amazing. I also loved how this one tied all three together. Family isn’t always blood and it isn’t always hearts and roses, but family always forgives.

Great stories!



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If you’re looking for epic sci-fi, fantasy, or historicals, that’s not me. Contemporary all the way, baby!

However, if you’re looking for down to earth, complicated characters dealing with real-world problems (and the occasional comfort read!), I might just fit the bill. 🙂


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