5 Stars for Ghosts of Halloween Past (The Shifters) by M.D. Grimm #MM #Romance


Title: Ghosts of Halloween Past (The Shifters)
Author Name & Publisher: M.D. Grimm (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 28, 2015 – 88 pgs


Sequel to Blind Devotion

Wolf shifter Sheriff Jack Ulger and cougar shifter Travis Kuger protect the shifters and their human allies living in Haven, Montana. They have known each other for nearly a decade but weren’t always friends. One Halloween night, as teenagers, that changed when Travis saved them both from an abandoned mill and the ghosts haunting it.

Years later, it’s Halloween again, and Travis never shared the ghostly experience with anyone, least of all the skeptic Jack. But he soon regrets the omission when Jack becomes trapped in the same abandoned mill while trying to find two lost kids. Jack must now protect the children, fight off a spiritual attack, and find a way to freedom. Travis knows something is wrong and enlists the help of their friends, and he can only hope they’ll be in time to save Jack from the dark entities.

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This story features my favorite couple of this whole series so far Jack a wolf shifter and Tom a cougar shifter. This was equal parts spooky and sweet because of the love these two have for each other.
Seven years ago when Tom and Jack were first getting to know one another as friends Tom took a dare to go into a haunted mill. Well Jack did not want him to go alone so he went with him. The things that happened that night scarred Tom and Jack had forgotten everything. Well Jack is extremely skeptical and does not believe anything about ghosts. That is until he must go into the Mill again to save two children who were in there. Which also brings Tom when he senses Jack in danger and makes them both confront what happened before and what was really in the Mill.
I loved what the author did with this story and how it was so spooky but had you on the edge of your seat wondering what was going to happen with these ghosts and two MC’s next.
All together I really loved this Novella!
I would definitely recommend this book!



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I’ve wanted to write since I was in the second grade and never gave up that dream. My parents were very supportive and their only request was that I go to college and get a decent job while pursuing that dream. That really wasn’t too much to ask. I didn’t start actively writing until I was a senior in high school. Those few stories were awful, just saying. But they were supposed to be. I was still learning, growing, accumulating. I still am, in many ways, but college truly helped me put my stories together, and to learn how to tell a story. I’m still growing and learning and hope to continue to get better and better at writing.

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