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Title: Fur, Feathers, and Claws
Author Name & Publisher: David Conner (Less Than Three)
Publication Date & Length: May 4, 2016 – 324 Pages


Three young men, from very different homes, just coming into their own sexuality, bond at a time when information about homosexuality is scarce to the average teen. Their strong connection cannot survive high school and heartache, however, and their triangle collapses under the weight of prejudice and a need to escape.

Ten years later, Tucker is bitter and hurt by all the tragedy in his life since those long ago happier days. Reclusive, somewhat animalistic, and completely content to stay that way, he is brought up short by an unexpected confrontation with the past and feelings that won’t stay buried.

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This book is different from most books I would normally read. For starters I would consider it to be historical because it was started in the 50’s and led up to the late 70’s. I have not ever been one to really want to read books from those time periods. Back in those days being gay was something to not be proud of. Not a lot of people was open about it and it was definitely unheard of to be in a threesome relationship.

This book was different from others that I read because it jumped from the past to the present throughout the whole book. But I found that I really enjoyed that.

The three characters Chad, Roy, and Tucker were all so different from one another but so good for each other. They brought forth the relationship things that the others didn’t and in their own ways they gave each other strength to overcome their hard pasts. Because do not think that anyone one of them had an easy past because they all three had some extremely hard times. They were each different in what they went through but I think that what they went through helped them all to end up with a better future together.

This book was funny, sad, heartbreaking, refreshing, and full of so much love. I really enjoyed this read and hope others do also.



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David Connor lives in a small town in New York with his dog, Max and a cat named Mrs. Fat Pants. His grade school English teacher, after reading one of David’s stories, suggested David write for As the World Turns someday. Books, magazine articles (including the soap mags), the stage, and even radio, he has done just about everything except write for daytime TV. He is still hopeful –as long as there are still some left.

David’s vivid imagination refuses to shut down even when he sleeps. His dream life is far more interesting than his real life, and is often the genesis of plot lines for his stories. If you’d like to contact him, look him up on Facebook. He will update his status after his nap.

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