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Title: Final Departure
Author Name & Publisher: Steve Pickens  (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: February 15th 2016- 353 pages


Jake Finnigan is already having the worst day of his life when the corpse of notorious tabloid reporter Susan Crane is found locked in the trunk of her car on the ferry where he works. Worse still, though Crane is bound, gagged, and shot in the forehead, her death is ruled a suicide. Convinced of a cover-up, Jake finds himself entangled in the investigation, much to the annoyance of his partner of nearly a decade, Sam O’Conner. As Jake and Sam uncover more about the woman’s blackmailing schemes, the list of suspects grows, and the couple find themselves skidding unavoidably into the killer’s crosshairs.

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This book was full of mystery, suspense and some action too!

Jake is having a bad day because while he is at work on the ferry there is a body of a reporter found in the trunk of one of the cars. After it is announced a suicide Jake decides to take it in his own hands and investigate.

I love a book that has me on the edge of my seat the whole time I am reading it trying to guess who did it and hoping the main MC and his partner will be okay.

This author definitely grabbed me from the start of this book and I could not put it down. You meet other characters in this book along with a high speed chase and other danger that Jake and his partner Sam face while Jake is investigating the murder.

So I will leave this review with… I loved this book and would definitely recommend this!



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Steve Pickens was born in Seattle, Washington. He has spent his entire life in the land of Bigfoot, strong coffee, ferryboats, heavy rain, and active volcanoes, all of which have influenced his work.

When not writing, he can be found tending and photographing flowers in the garden, taking trips into the Cascades or wandering along the shores of Puget Sound. He and his husband live in northwestern Washington in a town that bears more than a passing resemblance to the one in his mysteries with far too much ferry ephemera and two spoiled cats.


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