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Title: Death and the Maiden
Author Name & Publisher: J.I. Radke (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 11, 2015 – 294 pgs


Even the most lawless of creatures have laws, and for vampires, the sacrifice system is the most important. For every ten members of a coven, the sophisticated blood-drinkers have one “sacrificial lamb” to keep the worlds of the living and the Undead balanced.

August Prescott finds this fascinating—once he accepts the world is not what it seems. Kidnapped and kept in isolation, lack of memory troubles him but helps him fall into this society without resistance.

August befriends Theo, who may or may not be the only one August trusts, and when it’s Theo’s turn to drink from him in the “Sanctuary,” August could believe he’s in love. And so could fifty-year-young vampire Theo, because August doesn’t look at Theo like he’s a monster.

But Theo’s afraid of loving and must decide if he’ll waste eternity or welcome August into it. According to the Lamb, the chilling sovereign of blood-drinking Undead, that might be fate’s design. And if living forever means foregoing the comforts of humanity for Theo’s kisses, Theo’s arms, and Theo’s love, August is ready to turn.

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This book was beautiful while at the same time painful…
I felt so bad for August with what he went through when he was taken.  The pain of knowing the vampires could kill him if they really wanted to and losing everything from your life before.  To go from pain to love for Theo and his new family the coven of vampires.  To not really understand about what was expected of him to the knowledge that he was a very important part to this family.  August also comes to a very important decision about his life and what he wants to do with it after his time at the coven is through.
Wow this book blew me away!  I went into this unsure having never really read a historical vampire romance before to now hoping that this will be a series so I can see more of August after what happened to see how he is dealing with it all.
I did not want to put this book down once I started it.  You have Theo the brooding vampire at times who hated the man that turned him and was worried about August. Then you have Ishmael which honestly I did not like him after the things he did to August out of spite.
This book takes you into the life of a vampire coven and there sacrifice.  How they live together day to day as a family and there Alpha keeps everyone happy and on track.  While also is in charge of dealing with the vampire who would cause trouble in his coven.  To be completely honest I would love to read a book about Alistair the Alpha.  His character really drew me in and I would love to know more about him.
All together I loved this book!
I would definitely recommend this book!


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J. I. Radke goes by a variety of handles and pseudonyms, most commonly “themissinglenk” and/or “white silver and mercury.”

Once upon a time he wanted to be a marine biologist because of sharks. That lasted a year or so. Now he is an English/Creative Writing and History double major (emphasis on 18th/19th c. Western Europe, Classic mythology, and the history/psychology/theory of masculinity and sexuality), minoring in Russian Studies.

Radke writes ghost stories, romance novels, transgressive fiction, and “fanfic” that’s sometimes all of that in one. He doesn’t favor polemics, but he does believe in passionate speeches, discussions, and intellectual debates (best ones after midnight under the stars). He also believes in ghost hunting, swimming in coves with bioluminescent algae, zodiac/Tarot/moon cycles, sushi, Phad Thai, and pizza. He doesn’t do quite as well with Ferris wheels.

Born in New Jersey but raised all over the U.S., Seattle is home to Radke.

Maybe one of these days he’ll embellish this bio with a very clever quote from some respected historical figure or another.


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