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Title: Dangerous Territory
Author Name & Publisher: Cari Z. (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: January 13, 2016


With his father barely in the ground and his sister married to a scheming bastard, Carter is on the verge of losing the family ranch. His only chance at holding onto his inheritance is to get his cattle to market before his brother-in-law. That means braving Mason Canyon, which on top of being snake-infested and easily flooded, is also shifter territory. Most clans would just as soon shoot humans as look at them.

His only hope of making it is to trust the shifter who’s agreed to help him, and pray that Rani won’t double-cross him. If Carter doesn’t go he loses everything, and if he doesn’t make it there his family is as good as dead.

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So I do not know if this Novella was a start to a series but can I say I really hope it was!!

I loved the way this author wrote this story and these characters!

Carter’s father has passed and now his sisters husband is trying to take over his family ranch. So Carter get help from the local tribe of shifters and Rani comes to help him get through a dangerous pass with his cattle to sell. This pass has a lot of snakes and can I say with the shifter that Rani is which I have never read before and loved! I thought this story line was perfect and the way these men were with each other was so sweet.
So all together I really loved this Novella!
I would definitely recommend this book!



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Cari Z. is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She has a wonderful relationship with her husband, a complex relationship with the characters in her head and a sadomasochistic relationship with her exercise routine. She feels like Halloween should happen every month, which is why you get this picture of her, and hopes that you enjoy reading what she’s put out there as much as she enjoyed writing it in the first place.

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