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Title: Knight’s Fall (Boys in Blue #4)
Author Name: Mia Watts
Publication Date & Length: December 20, 2010 – 51pgs


Book four in the Boys in Blue Series Andy s cavalier attitude about sex keeps his emotions safe, but when Knight moves Andy s heart, it s a game of trust Andy isn t sure he ll win.The Senator has decided that interdepartmental tension can be alleviated by a week of team building camp exercises. No one is immune as the first group arrives comprising multiple government departments. Among them are FBI agent Andy Power and Detective Liam Knight.Having met six months ago was challenging enough. After all, Andy made an idiot of himself. He s used to being the confident Fed who casually uses sex as he chooses. Some think he s too free, but Andy knows they’re only seeing his persona. But Liam Knight is different. He s actually someone Andy wants a relationship with.Liam thinks the klutz he met is kind of cute, if dorky. Yet the guy he has to partner with at camp is a bit on the cheesy side with slick come-ons and preformed ideas about Liam. Just when he thinks he can t stand the guy, Andy s mask slips away and leaves Liam breathless.When the week is up, will Liam have cut through the bullshit or has Andy decided that trusting Liam with his heart isn t worth the risk?”

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This was a more challenging installment of this series for me. Our two men are both openly gay, although it doesn’t seem that way. One appears gay while the other is more macho making people not think of him in that light.
There were times when I wanted to grab and shake each character for their hardheadedness because they both wanted the same things, only had a much harder time getting there because of appearances and prejudices within the gay community.
In the end, things were beautiful just like all the other Boys in Blue book even though at times I really wondered if they could make it there…. And we got a bit of insight into who the next story is very likely going to be about.

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