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Title: Conscious Decisions of the Heart (More Heat Than the Sun #2)
Author Name & Publisher: John Wilshire (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 8, 2014 – 314 pgs


Ben Rider and Nikolas Mikkelsen learn that danger comes in all shapes and sizes and often in places you least expect it.

Nikolas’s dark past calls to him, inexorably dragging him back into its seductive embrace. While he goes on an errand of mercy to Russia, Ben travels to Denmark to learn Nikolas’s language. Convinced Russia’s vastness will swallow Nikolas, Ben doesn’t see the enemy much closer to home. Thinking he has lost Nikolas, Ben then makes a terrible decision that threatens to destroy everything they have together. Focused on this very personal horror, bound by a new level of commitment, they have no idea that a greater threat is coming. And when it arrives, it changes everything—even the definition of commitment.

Warning: This story contains the violent death of a minor character and some graphic violence.

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This book was such a good addition to this series!

With this book we get more of Nikola and Ben as they closer to each other while at the same time we learn more about Nikola and what causes the darkness within himself. Now Nikola is very dark and scary which I don’t blame him after everything that happened to him in his life. It was very hard reading parts of this so here is a warning that some parts of this book are dark and may be hard for some to read I know it was for me..

Everything Nikola went through was horrible and what he had to do there are just no words.. I felt like Ben really being there with him brings something out in Nikola maybe something good? Which helps Nikola with the dark inside.

Nikola must go on a trip which leaves Ben on his own. Ben decides to go to where Nikola is from and learn Danish. There was so much action and on the edge of your seat moments in this book. This author grabbed me from the start and I could not put this book down until the end.

I loved the way this author wrote these characters with Nikola’s dark, scary personality which draws you in wanting to learn more about him to Ben’s light, loving personality but also the dark inside of him too.

All together I really loved this book and can not wait to read the next one in this series!
I would recommend this book!



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John spent twenty-two years in the military, perfecting the art
of looking busy whilst secretly writing. He left as a senior officer
when his tunnel was ready for use. He is now living in New
Zealand until he can raise enough money to leave. Although he
has no plans to return to the army, he can occasionally be caught
polishing his medals.

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