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Title: Breeding Stations (Alliances #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Chris T. Kat (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 27, 2015 – 204 pgs


Spunky commander Berit Turner is known for two things: his huge libido and his lack of a filter—he says what he thinks. Berit sets his mind on being part of a mission to Ligador to make sure the planet is habitable for humans. He’s ecstatic when his team is assigned to the task force. A delegation of Nadisc, a humanoid alien race, accompanies them, and passion ignites between Berit and their commanding officer, Tom. But Berit is determined that Tom is just another notch on his bedpost, as he doesn’t do relationships.

The excursion to Ligador goes wrong from the beginning, when they discover Ligador has been established as a breeding station by their worst enemy: the Tash’Ba. Dinosaur-like creatures become the team’s worst nightmare, and staying alive is going to take everything they’ve got… and then some.

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This was so much like dinosaurs meets outer space and I loved it!
Berit is a commander of his ship that is on its way too Ligador where he meets Tom.. Let me tell you it is on and cracking as soon as they meet!
Nothing I love more then a good mate/mine book and this one definitely has that!
So many times I laughed at the things Berit would say.  This book has humor but also sadness and lots of action.
What can I say about Tom other then is there anything better then a huge alien with tons of muscles who is also super protective of his mate Berit.
When the animals on Ligador were described I at first pictured the dinosaurs  on Jurassic Park.. Which I loved that movie!  So you can see why I loved this book so much!  I can honestly this is the first time I have read a book like this and it will definitely not be the last!
You get to meet a lot of different characters also in this book and one little animal named Fleur.  Now I want a Fleur too!  The way she is described so cute and cuddly!
The way Berit and Tom were together was so sweet and can I say hot!  Even though the tail thing kind of creeped me out for a minute at first lol
All together I really loved this book and I can not wait to read the next one!
If you like hot alien meets hot human who mate, get all growly with the mine and protectiveness, I would definitely recommend this book!


Several alarmed shouts warned me of something going on, but I had no time to process what happened. Something roped around my waist and yanked me over to the side. I crashed into Tom’s chest as a harsh growling sound erupted from his throat.

I tried jerking myself free, but he held onto my wrists with one hand, while his tail kept me tethered to his body. “What the hell?”

Niyara squared off in front of Tom, her dark eyes gleaming with an eerie, demonic red glint where her pupils should’ve been. Her long tail swished from one side to the other and her arm muscles “What the ever-loving fuck is going on?” I asked.

“Quiet!” Tom hissed.

My mouth fell open, and I gaped at him. Okay. Enough was enough. I caught the tip of his tail in my hand and pinched it—hard. He roared, but I used the chance to slip free. A Nadisc’s tail tip was the most sensitive part, which came in handy during sex but was a real disadvantage in a fight. Or maybe not. I’d never heard of someone winning a fight against a Nadisc when—

Niyara’s fist closing around my shirt stopped all my pondering. She lifted me off my feet, hissing and boring her eerie gaze into mine. Maybe I should’ve stayed with Tom. He’d felt slightly less dangerous than she did.

Carson appeared next to Niyara’s side, eyes as large as saucers but an equally determined look on his face. He reached out. As soon as he touched her arm, her head whirled around. I held my breath. Would he be able to save me from Niyara’s wrath? She’d seemed rather taken with him earlier. What the hell had I done, anyway, to agitate her?

As I wracked my brain, Carson and Niyara gazed at each other. The next instant he rose on tiptoes and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

She let go of my shirt, and I would’ve landed flat on my ass if Tom hadn’t snatched me around the waist. Niyara rested her head on Carson’s shoulder, which meant she had to stoop because of her height. No one said anything, and no one moved for what seemed like a long time. When she lifted her head, several people—including me—hissed, afraid of what she’d do next.

Niyara bowed her head toward Tom. “I apologize for my outburst. I’ve never encountered a jealousy spell before.”

“Jealousy spell?” I echoed.

She gazed at me, suddenly looking sheepish. “Feeling such a strong connection is new to me, and I didn’t like Carson using an endearment toward you.”

I blinked, then looked over at Carson. He gawked, and his eyes were the same size as before. Would they stay like that forever?

Niyara swept an arm around to include everyone in her proclamation, which resulted in startled jerks and coughs. “I’m claiming Carson as my mate. Anyone who’d like to object has to fight me.”

No one objected. Everyone seemed busy inspecting their boots or the ceiling. I never noticed before how very ugly the hatch’s ceiling was.

“Berit!” Carson wheezed out.

I sighed and transferred my gaze from the ceiling to Carson. “Congrats?”

Someone cheered and the others followed suit, clapping their hands to add to the noise. Carson was so pale I feared he’d faint, but Niyara cupped his face in both hands and kissed him. After that, he didn’t seem to mind that much, not anymore.

Chuckling, I told the others to open the hatch and take up their position. The hatch opened with the usual buzz, but when I started to walk, Tom’s arms around my waist tightened to an almost painful “Tell them to secure the area and wait for further instructions,” he whispered into my ear.

“Dream on. I won’t do—” My words ended abruptly when the steel bands around my waist left me no room for breathing.



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1) Can you describe in detail what your writing environment is like?

Sure. I’ve got a small desk in a corner of the living room. The desk is cluttered with various cables and technological devices, plus my laptop. I’ve got pictures of my family, and little trinkets my kids made for me, hanging on the walls around me.

2) Is there one of your characters that you relate to (from any of your works)? Why?

In some aspects, I can relate to all of my characters. Take Andrew from A Purrfect Match, for example. He’s overwhelmed with the changes in his life, and how to create a good life for his son, Tony. He was very vulnerable, but still a strong character. Many of my characters show vulnerability, but also an inner strength and humor (Joshua in Despite the Odds comes to mind) and that’s definitely something I can relate to. I believe every one of us is vulnerable at various points in our lives. A sense of strength and healthy self-confidence, combined with a positive attitude toward life, will get us through difficulties, though.

3) If you couldn’t be an author, what would you do instead?

I’m only a part-time author and love my real life job (I’m a Special Ed teacher).

4) Is there anything that you learned during the writing process that you wish you had known before hand?

I always believed writing to be an easy job, but that’s not true. When I’ve written for two or three hours, I’m exhausted afterward, sometimes even more than when I do something physical. Depending on the scenes necessary in the story, I can get all emotional, and this can be draining too.

5) Is there anything that you wish you could change about your book now that it is out?

I’ve had books that I wanted to change little things after they came out, but not for Breeding Stations. I had a real blast writing this particular story, and didn’t regret anything during the edits.

6) How do you come up with new ideas for your story?

I’ve never had trouble coming up with ideas. My imagination is always in overdrive, and supplies me with more ideas than I’ll ever be able to use. I’m easily triggered—a picture, something that’s in the newspaper, or something that I’ve heard that struck a chord with me—it really can be anything.

7) What’s next for you as a writer?

In fall, the sequel to Breeding Stations, titled Final Battle, will be released. At the end of 2015, or the beginning of 2016, the sequel to Despite the Odds, titled Against All Odds, will be released. After that, there’s another book scheduled for spring 2016. It’s called Mending the Rift, about a male pregnancy. Yes, my writing is all over the place. I’m currently writing a fantasy novel with Julie Lynn Hayes, titled The Prince and the Mercenary, and that’s a lot of fun. 

8) Where do you live? Do you think this influences how or what you write?

I live in Germany, and I’m assuming this influences my writing. My books are usually set in the United States, but only in a certain area (Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Washington DC) because these are cities I’ve visited. My best friend lives in this area, and helps me when I’ve got questions about locations.

9) What is your favorite genre outside of the one you write in? Why?

I write in the m/m genre, and within that, I’ve written in the subgenres science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary. I don’t have a favorite genre as I like them all. In my reading, I switch within all of these genres (sometimes I also read historical or pure erotica), and it’s all good. I enjoy reading in a variety of genres, and that probably shows in my writing as well.

10) Do you have any vices? Shoes, coffee, shopping…etc?

Books! One can never have enough books, right? Though I’m glad someone invented e- books because there’s not enough room at home to fit all the books I’ve accumulated over the years. Another one of my vices is that my cross stitch stash can never be big enough. Same goes with yarn, which drives my husband crazy. Whenever we’re somewhere, and I see yarn in pretty colors, we have to stop, so I can at least look at them. 


Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there’s any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks or does cross stitch.


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