5 stars for Blue Notes Bundle by Shira Anthony and Venona Keyes #MM #Romance

CoverTitle: Blue Notes Bundle
Author Name & Publisher: Shira Anthony & Venona Keyes (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 11, 2016 – 1414 pgs


Immerse yourself in the best-selling Blue Notes universe, where music and romance are intrinsically intertwined. In Blue Notes, a struggling jazz violinist meets an attorney for a true journey of the heart; in The Melody Thief, a renowned cellist, sought after by conductors the world over, seeks hope and forgiveness from a lawyer; in Aria, rekindled lust blossoms into a true romance in world of opera; in Prelude, a world-renowned conductor clashes with a substitute violinist; in Symphony in Blue, revisit the couples of the Blue Notes series; in Encore, the cool kid violinist and the wannabe conductor dance in and out of a relationship and in Dissonance, a British noble on the run meets a busker in a subway.

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Shira Anthony is one of my favorite authors and this series is a wonderful example of what I’ve come to expect from her. These stories are thought-provoking, and she really brings her characters to life. They are flawed and relatable, and through these books there is a theme of courage and personal growth.

There are many musical references through these stories. Even though I was lost on some other the finer points about the music and the business of music, I still loved each and every story.

These books are interconnected, but they can also stand alone. Together they create a rich community of wonderful characters whose stories are interwoven.

These can be read in any sequence, but I read them in the sequence they are listed in the bundle. It’s the order in which they were written. Here is the chronological order of the books for anyone who prefers to read them that way: 1) Encore, 2) Prelude, 3) Blue Notes, 4) Aria, 5) The Melody Thief, 6) Symphony in Blue, 7) Dissonance

Blue Notes

I love this book! Jaz and Jules are such wonderful characters and so easy to love. And Jaz’s sister, Rosalie, is a strong, well-developed supporting character. The story is engaging, heart-warming and sexy. This is a thought-provoking and passionate story about self-discovery, coming home, and starting over.

The Melody Thief

This book touched me deeply. Shira Anthony does a wonderful job exploring some difficult topics with sensitivity. Cary and Antonio are great characters and Massi just steals the show! This is an incredible story about addiction, hurt, transformation and family.


This is a beautiful, bittersweet romance about letting go and moving on after tragic loss. Aiden and Sam are wonderful characters. And it was great to see other characters from series coming together in this story as well. This book didn’t engage me quite as much as Blue Notes and The Melody Thief, but it was still a great read and highly recommended.


This is a wonderful story about vulnerability, creativity and the courage to love and be loved. I didn’t mind the jump back in time for this (because i didn’t read these chronologically). It’s great to glimpse back in order to get to know David more and be finally introduced to Alex properly.

Symphony in Blue

This novella feels like an epilogue for each story so far all tied into one. There’s a strong feeling of chosen family – heartwarming and romantic.


Just when I thought there would be no more surprises with this series, this book floored me. John and Roger’s story is sweet and sad and I find it a bit more mature and real than the other stories. It brought me to tears more than once and made me smile many times. Wonderful!


This is a beautifully written, heartrending but hopeful book. It’s great to see another side to Cam, and the dynamic between him and Galen is fascinating. Cam’s mysterious fall from grace adds an element of suspense to this book that I really enjoyed. I’ll include a trigger warning for this one. This delves quite deeply into past sexual child abuse.



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Shira Anthony

Shira Anthony is a complete sucker for a happily-ever-after, and rarely reads or writes a story without one. Never a fan of instalove, Shira likes to write stories about real men with real issues making real relationships work.

In her last incarnation, Shira was a professional opera singer, performing roles in such operas as “Tosca,” “Pagliacci,” and “La Traviata,” among others. Her Blue Notes Series is loosely based upon her own experiences as a professional musician.

Shira is married with two children and two insane dogs and when she’s not writing, she is usually in a courtroom trying to make the world safer for children. When she’s not working, she can be found aboard a 36’ catamaran at the Carolina coast with her favorite sexy captain at the wheel. She’s given up TV for evenings spent with her laptop, and she never goes anywhere without a pile of unread M/M romance on her Kindle.

Interested in hearing Shira sing? Here’s a link to a live performance of Shira singing an aria from Puccini’s “Tosca”: http://www.shiraanthony.com/wp-conten…

You can subscribe to Shira’s monthly newsletter for updates, free fiction, and subscriber-only contests here: http://www.shiraanthony.com/newsletter/

Venona Keyes

VENONA KEYES is a modern woman who believes in doing it all; if doing it all is only in her head. She amazes people that she can be wholly unorganized yet pack a perfect carryon suitcase for a ten-day trip to Paris. She is a believer in the “just in time” theory and can be seen sprinting in airports to the gate before the plane door closes.
She has experienced love and loss at the deepest levels and is thankful for writing and daydreaming, for it kept—and still keeps—her sane. Writing also introduced her to some of the most supportive and wonderful people, for which she will always be grateful.
Venona is a voracious reader, loves her two feline boys, volunteers at an animal shelter, is an accomplished speaker, and enjoys swimming, biking, skipping, and her beloved overgrown garden.
You can find Venona Keyes on Facebook and can e-mail her at VenonaKeyes@yahoo.com.


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