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Title: Bitter Springs
Author Name: Laura Stone
Publication Date: December 3, 2015


In 1870s Texas, Renaldo Valle Santos, the youngest son of a large and traditional family, has been sent to train with Henry “Hank” Burnett, a freed slave and talented mesteñero—or horse-catcher—so he may continue the family horse trade. Bitter Springs is a sweeping epic that takes themes from traditional Mexican literature and Old Westerns to tell the story of a man coming into his own and realizing his destiny lies in the wild open spaces with the man who loves him, far from expectations of society.

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This book was so beautiful and yet at the same time painful that these two men had to hide that they loved each other because of people not understanding.
So Renaldo’s father hires Henry to train Renaldo how to catch wild horses. Well Renaldo slowly starts falling for Hank while they are out searching for wild mustangs. The way these two MC’s were together was honestly beautiful. Their love for each other slowly grows the more time they spend with each other until it was time for Renaldo to go home that was when the fear of what they faced with Renaldo’s family started.
They both decided that they would not lie to the family. I felt so bad for these two men I know back then in the Old West two men being together was not something many people would accept. But to have to hide your love and hope no one ever realizes that your are together it is really sad that things were that way back then. But their love was strong enough to show Renaldo’s family even with the fear of being cast out. I honestly loved the way the author wrote this story and these characters. I felt what these two MC’s felt, what they went through knowing that they might not be accepted. Really this book was just beautiful! I loved these two men together and how strong they were for each other. I also loved Renaldo’s family they were so loving and kind. Plus there was their first steamy scene together can I just say that was so damn hot!!! They had plenty more after too so don’t get me wrong lol. There was just something about their first time together that was just beautiful but at the same time very steamy. So I will leave this review with I honestly loved this book! I thought the way everything was portrayed for this time period was perfect. I would definitely 100% recommend this book!



The day before the wedding, a visitor arrived at Vista Verde an entire week early. Renaldo, ready to wash up and eat dinner after a long, hard day—his side ached from roping cattle as a part of Paloma’s training, his hands were full of bits of raw hemp from the stock lassos, and one of the calves had kicked him high on the thigh—walked back from the barn using his hat to slap at the dust on his chest and thighs. He noticed a tall, striking young black man standing at the door to their home speaking with their father. They didn’t see many black men this far from civilization—with the Civil War ending so recently, many were staying close to where they’d been forced to live, were heading far out west where there were more opportunities to make a new life or were going north seeking less hostile society. Who he could be?

He was about as tall as Renaldo, maybe an inch or two more, broad-shouldered and whip-thin, dressed in well-worn, simple clothes. He had a close-cropped beard, but instead of hiding the shape of his jaw, it accented its sharpness. His light eyes, almost luminescent even at this distance and glowing like amber, were ringed with thick lashes, nearly to the point of being girlish, but there was nothing feminine about the man. With his lean but strong-looking chest, muscular arms and curved backside, he managed to carry himself with a confident air while standing idly; his body was still, but in a way that made Renaldo think of a raptor sitting on an abutment, watching and waiting.

“Oh, here he is,” Estebán said, motioning for Renaldo to join them, saying, “Señor Burnett, allow me to introduce to you my son, Renaldo.”

This? This was the legendary mesteñero, Henry Burnett? He couldn’t be much older than Renaldo, who realized his jaw had dropped. He closed his mouth quickly and moved toward them as if drawn like metal shavings to a magnet.

Burnett, however, looked amused, as the edge of his mouth quirked up. “Pleased to meet you,” he said, his voice deep and husky.

Renaldo couldn’t look away, shocked that his expectations couldn’t have been more wrong. This was a vibrant young man. But… this was the man he would be alone with on the prairie for months? His stomach twisted at that thought, and at how unexpected it all was, causing his heart to race and face flush. Yes, it was unexpected. That Burnett had come so much sooner than they’d expected had to be why Renaldo couldn’t find his voice and felt so upended.

“Mijo,” his father said sharply.

Renaldo shook himself slightly, and then nodded, saying, “Señor Burnett, it’s very good to meet you, finally. Please forgive my shock, as I don’t believe we expected you so soon.”

Burnett laughed, a rolling, melodious sound, and replied, “Well, then just imagine my shock when I come here all the way from Nacogdoches expecting one Valle man, only to find him gone and you in his place.” He smiled. “Your padre seems to think you’re a better match, so that works for me.”

That smile, bright teeth framed by full lips, eyes crinkled at the corners, helped lessen some of Renaldo’s shock and, if he was being honest, some of the worry that he carried about spending a lot of time with a hard, taciturn man Renaldo knew he would be unable to please. At the realization that this was who he would be with on the plains, just the two of them with no one else for weeks on end, Renaldo became excited, finally looking forward to this task. A young man with an infectious grin wouldn’t be such a chore to be stuck with after all.


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Born and raised in Texas, Laura Stone’s first novel, THE BONES OF YOU (Interlude Press), was a Foreward Review Book of the Year finalist and a Lambda Literary longlist entrant. Her next, BITTER SPRINGS, is an historical LGBT novel set in 1870s’ West Texas, arrives Dec. 3, 2015. She lives in Texas as proof it isn’t completely populated by hard-line right wingers and because that’s where the good tamales are.

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