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Title: Between Life & Death (Heavenly Sins #3)
Author Name & Publisher: L.M. Brown (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: December 19, 2014 – 105 pgs


With one of his lovers imprisoned in the Underworld, Mac has no choice except to go where most angels fear to tread.
With Tristan imprisoned in the Underworld the ménage is broken. Angels are forbidden to enter the demonic domain and while Mac has been breaking rules in recent months, he doesn’t have the power to enter the Underworld.
Alastor is still unsure about his position in the relationship following recent revelations, but he cannot walk away when he is the only real link between his two lovers. Splitting his time between Mac and Tristan he hopes they can soon find a way to reunite the two men in his life.
As time moves on Alastor realises he is struggling to satisfy Tristan’s thirst for sex. His lover needs more than he can give him and craves Mac in his bed.
Mac still believes he can complete his mission to save his two lovers, but with one of them out of his reach it is going to be far from easy.
During their time together they have made plenty of enemies, including one who would seek to separate them forever, even if it means biding his time until Alastor and Tristan are at their most vulnerable, when even the love of an angel can’t save them.
Reader Advisory: This book contains multiple male ménage.

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This book was such a awesome addition to this series!

You get a lot more of Tristen, Mac and Alastor together in this book. The author grabbed me from the start of this book and I could not put it down. So much happens in this book for all three of these men it was just amazing that they were able to hold everything together so well and I honestly felt after everything they went through they seemed so much stronger as a ménage then they did in previous books.
Tristen is in hell as the Demon King in this book were Mac can not get to him only Alastor can visit him there. He is miserable because he does not want to be there at all. Then someone tries to kill Tristen when Alastor steps in just wow!! Everything that happens after that was so hard for this three at first but the way everything works out eventually for all of them was just so beautiful. The ending of this book was just so sweet and I was honestly so happy for them!
You get your angst and action plus lets not forgot the steam which like the previous books in this series was just so hot!

All together I really loved this book and this series!

I would definitely recommend this series!



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