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Title: Betrothed: A Faery Tale
Author Name & Publisher: Therese Woodson (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 23, 2014 – 200 pgs


Faery royalty have always married for duty rather than love. Prince Chrysanths should be no different—except with a human for a father, the prince known as Puck already is different. When he is betrothed against his will to Prince Sky, Puck flees to his father in the human world, only to have Sky follow.

Prince Sky Song of the Clouds isn’t thrilled with the prospect of marriage either, but is bound by duty to follow through. If he can’t win Puck over, the faery realm might very well dissolve into utter chaos. Too busy arguing, Puck and Sky are unaware there are others with a vested interest in seeing the betrothal fail. In a bid for Puck’s crown, they’ll seek to keep them apart, even as Puck and Sky realize that duty and love don’t always have to be mutually exclusive.

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This book was so good!!!
You get a stubborn fairy named Puck who does not want to get married so he sneaks away in the night to go to the human realm to be with his father.  At first his character did kind of annoy me with the way he treated Sky who was only trying to get to know him and honor the betrothal. But once he realizes how real Sky is being with him and how he is not a snotty, spoiled fairy… He does a complete one eighty and I ended up loving his characters!
Sky chases Puck to his realm to try and get to know Puck and see if they could make this betrothal work.  He went through so much and was so understanding I absolutely 100%  loved his character from the start.
This book is equal parts sweet and cute don’t let that scare you because it worked so well together with this story! You also get your very steamy scenes which were so good!!
You get to meet some different characters their family and friends in this. Then you get to meet the evil woman that I did not like from the start.  Then what she did to Puck.. Lets just say I did not like her character at all.
There was just so much about this book I loved and I have to admit I hope there will be another book for Puck and Sky.  I would love to see more of them.
So all together I 100% loved this book!
I would definitely recommend this book!


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Therese Woodson likes to write about people falling in love. And spaceships.

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  1. This looks delightfully intriguing and fun, looking forward to reading! Also that cover is spectacular.

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