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Title: Bad Boys Clue: Episode One
Author Name & Publisher: B. H. Rose
Publication Date & Length: April 10, 2016 – 115 Pages


A year after moving back to his mom’s hometown, 16-year-old gay video game nerd Oliver Johnson’s life is spiraling downhill. Mostly thanks to the constant bullying by the older and illustrious Rulen.

A motorcycle driving delinquent whose dating his sister.

That is until the tables turn when Oliver catches Rulen in a very inappropriate position with the principal of their high school.

Episode one of a three part series.

Ends on a cliffhanger!

Bad Boys Club is a mature young adult romance. It includes excessive swearing, sensitive subject matter, and sexual situations.

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This book did not go anything like I thought it would and honestly I did really like it. Some may not agree with me but my opinion of this book is there is more to what goes on sometimes behind someone being a bully.

In this case I think their are many factors as to why Rulen is such a bully towards Oliver. I honestly think that Rulens “dad” has done some major damage to him. I think that he has forced things to happen between the two of them that should not have happened and I think that because of that it has made it harder for him to accept that he is and has been attracted to Oliver. I also think another reason he bullied Oliver is because in some weird way like little kids do, he is picking on the one he likes trying to get him to notice him. But because of the type of relationship he has had with his father, he does not how to go about expressing how he feels in a normal way. He has his emotions wrapped up so tight that picking on Oliver is the only way he is able to let them out even if it is not a healthy way of going about it. I also believe that Rulen being with Jill is also a way for him to be with Oliver without actually being with him. I just think that all of that is going to crap because he is getting to the point that he cannot stay away from Oliver any longer.

As far as Oliver is concerned I think that ever though he hates being bullied by Rulen, that he has always had a crush on him. I also think that he hates that he does because of his sister but the attraction is so strong between the two that it is impossible for them to stay away from one another, even if they try to I don’t think they will be able to.

I am really wanting to read the next book so I an see what is going to happen because it can go so many ways. I know what I hope happens but I want to wait and see what will happen and if it is anywhere close to what I hope comes of this story.



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B.H. Rose is a 23 year old author who’ll mainly publish Gay young adult Contemporary and Romance. She started writing from a young age, becoming inspired by reading tons of graphic novels, comics, and watching too much TV. B.H. also has a huge love of Japanese culture, watching the Food Network channel, anything horror, and collecting fashion magazines. When not writing B.H. is either scrolling through Tumblr, playing video games, or listening to music.

If you need to contact please Email: authorbhrose@yahoo.com

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