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Title: Acting Out (Celebrity #2)
Author Name: Mia Watts
Publication Date: February 27, 2015


Who wouldn’t want Hollywood hottie Cree Radek? When Evan Walker, Cree’s assistant, gives in to temptation, he’s sure Cree only wants a one-nighter. Evan has plans of his own, and falling in love isn’t one of them.

Cree Radek is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. He’s an unapproachable alpha wrapped in black leather and spikes with ice-blue eyes lined in black. He’s hard to read and all kinds of sex-on-a-stick.

Evan Walker works for Cree as his assistant. Long hours and living arrangements make it impossible to keep things professional. So, when things get steamy, Evan see’s himself as an easy target. But for Cree, Evan is a lot more than a one-night stand.

Family business takes Evan away in the middle of filming. Cree says he wants him back, but can a celebrity be faithful to a regular guy?

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.

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I was extremely impressed with this installation of the Hollywood Hotties Series. I loved Cree and Evan.
Evan is looking to find his dead beat dad that left his mother pregnant and alone. Working for Cree is only a means to an end. Until he realizes that the persona that Cree hides behind is just that, a shield to keep the rest of the world out.
Cree has been used many times in his life and being a celebrity only made it worse. However, when Even starts to find links to his father, he starts to see that there is more to the man who is his assistant.
There is instalove situation, however, for once, it worked for me. This story wrenched my heart out and even made me tear up because I was that connected to the characters even though it is a short story. I felt like the characters connected in the heat of the moment, but everything they went through and finding out the real man behind the different facades they used helped them establish so much real quick.
I can’t wait for the next part of this story and can’t wait to see where Mia takes the next characters!

Cree Radek and Evan Walker are a couple that I wouldn’t normally put together.

I enjoyed their banter, their chemistry was somewhat there, but found that the book felt really rushed.

I really wanted more from the story about Evan and his family. It was just kind of left. I did enjoy his mom and her perspective, but overall, I wanted more from that side of things. However, I did really like how Evan described his life. It was not as if he was really “lost” or some of the cliché things that authors do in stories like this one.

I also really liked how Cree was able to come out of his own shell a little in this book. I enjoyed the way he tried to take care and despite being hurt, he was able to put his feelings aside and really learn how to forgive.

This was a good story; it just left a little more for me to want.



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