5 Stars for A Date With Angel: And Other Things That Weren’t Supposed To Happen by J. Judkins (AUDIOBOOK) #FF #Comedy


Title: A Date With Angel: And Other Things That Weren’t Supposed To Happen
Author Name: J. Judkins
Publication Date & Length: April 3, 2015 – 380 pgs


Kim could tell at a glance Angel wasn’t the average attractive yet poorly disguised extraterrestrial scout sent to assess Earth’s defenses before the inevitable alien invasion. Angel’s memory loss cover story? Lame. Robbing a passing ruffian of his shirt to cover her naked body? NOT a good way to avoid attracting attention! As a science fiction geek, Kim felt herself uniquely qualified to watch Angel and thwart her dark mission…once the alien got around to it.
But Angel had her own questions. She couldn’t help but wonder, why would Kim invite a stranger home? Surely, it could only be for romance! Kim didn’t dare correct her, not without giving herself away, and so both found themselves in an escalating romantic relationship neither actually wanted.
Is it possible lies and deception could lead to true love? Could projected feelings designed to fool the other become genuine?
“A Date with Angel is a romantic escalation comedy full of misinterpretations, grand theories, and devious, romantic traps … and a suspected alien woman doing her best to meet a sci-fi paranoiac’s expectations.”

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This is billed as a romantic comedy, and I must say it delivers. Kim is a paranoid introvert, zealous in her goal to keep her private life private, and making sure she allows no one close to her. As the book opens, Kim encounters a naked woman in a convenience store parking lot. The woman is putting on a shirt she obviously took from the unconscious man lying on the ground. The two women look at each other, and finally Kim engages her in conversation. That conversation leads to all the events that occur in the book. Because that conversation is weird. And it rings all sorts of alarm bells in Kim’s mind. This woman is an alien scout! And Kim might be the only thing standing between Earth and an alien invasion. Which, let’s face it, is ridiculous.

The comedy is that this gamer girl geek believes Angel, as she declares her name to be, is an alien. There are several things that back this theory up, from the obvious lies Angel tells about herself – her cover story, to things that Angel does that just don’t add up to normal. Kim’s struggles to maintain her own cover lead her to accept and agree to things with Angel that she had no intention of doing. This leads to numerous situations that were funny enough to make me laugh out loud. Which brings me to the narrator. Kendall Taylor brings a distinct personality to each character, the best of which is her deadpan delivery of Angel’s lines. Sometimes just hearing Angel’s responses in that voice cracked me up. The best thing about this book, and this is what pushed it up to a 5 star for me, is that while this is a romantic comedy, there’s a secondary story going on here that just struck me as sweet, intense, and amazing. This is the story of a woman with horrible interpersonal issues, trust issues, overwhelming shyness, completely introverted, and closed off to any sort of personal  relationship where she can get hurt. It takes a completely out of this world reason for Kim to invite someone into her space, and at first, Kim grudgingly accepts the things that occur because she has to keep an eye on this alien who might mean the end of our world. And it is extremely interesting to hear her try to justify the things that she feels and does. The fact that every step forward in their relationship, every step closer together is because of some devious and  vilmaster plan that Angel has concocted to trick Kim into helping her complete her mission. And the way that Angel not only goes along with it, but buys in to it as well, absolutely makes them perfect for each other. Slowly Kim opens up her life, to Angel and to others she comes in contact with, very reluctantly, and very grudgingly. And by the end of the book, Kim has become someone who has at least one person in her life who is more important to her than all of her insecurities. That is the secondary story, and it is glorious.

I’m not sure if this would read as funny as it was listening to it, but I will definitely find out at some point in time.



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I grew up addicted to video games, which gradually changed into the role-playing games, both tabletop and computer based. Other than books and movies and lately, writing, I don’t do much at all.

Writing books is new for me, and I think my twisted ideas may actually have a market. Here’s hoping. I’ll do my best to be sociable, but I’m not particularly good at it. If, however, you poke me with a sharp stick and send direct questions, I’ll do my best to answer them.

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