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Title: Out on a Limb (Browerton University #2)
Author Name & Publisher: A. J. Truman
Publication Date & Length: April 16, 2016 – 358 Pages


No looking back.

That’s the motto of college senior Cameron Buckley, whether he’s kicking his latest hookup out of bed or plotting out his future as a hit screenwriter. With only a few weeks until graduation, he’s ready to put Browerton University in his rearview mirror and start the life he’s been dreaming of ever since he was a kid. But a chance meeting with a sexy stranger in a bar throws a wrench into his Hollywood plans.

For Walker Reed, no looking back is hard to do when you work minutes away from your alma mater and share child custody with your college sweetheart. Almost fifteen years after graduating from Browerton, he can’t stop wondering how he got here. He has an ex who can’t stand him, a five-year-old son he can’t connect with, and a dead-end job he can’t escape.

When Cameron and Walker first meet, they know the rules. They know their friendship has an expiration date, yet it begins changing them in ways they never expected. As graduation looms, they both know things can’t go anywhere, but they can’t keep denying the feelings pulling them closer, even as an offer from Hollywood threatens to tear them apart forever.

OUT ON A LIMB is a gay new adult romance filled with humor, heart, and hot guys. It’s the second full-length book in the Browerton University series, but can be read as a standalone. The book is intended for readers 18+.

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So far both of the books in this series has been top notch. AJ Truman knows go to drawl you in to a book and hold you captive to the very end. This book did exactly that.

Cameron in my opinion, even though is very determined to make something of himself as a screenwriter, is scared. I believe he is scared to let his friends get to close, he is scared to go against what his mom thinks is best for him, and he is scared to admit that Cameron and Hobie have found their way into his heart and he does not know how to let them go.

Walker is also scared in my opinion but it is a different scared. He is scared to go after what he wants. He settles in a career that he does not particularly like and he settles in his love life or lack their of. But I think that it is his ex that finally made him open his eyes to what he is really scared of which is failure.

Both of these two men are both scared but for different reasons and I think that it takes them loving and losing each other to finally open their eyes to what they are doing. The question is, will they let those eye openers be enough for them to find their way back to one another or will they take another path and find someone new.

As I said, AJ Truman has a way of sucking you into the books and they do not let you go until the very end. I cannot wait for he next book in this series.



What’s your dream? Dreams are all around us. During our sleep, driving to work, even in a coffee shop. Cameron and Walker help each other find their dream and make it come alive.
These two were perfect for each other. The readers could see it, their friends could see it, but could they see it? Cameron never looked back when he walked away from something or someone, until he met Walker and his son Hobie. Cameron had a dream, was graduating from college and he was focused to live it. Even if it meant he was walking away from Walker to the other side of “the rug.” Cameron had to realize that his dream could be lived from anywhere in the world, he was just too focused on Hollywood, and almost lost Walker for good.
Walker was a divorced dad that was just living on auto-pilot until he met Cameron. Cameron helped him out of the grays of the world and into the colorful life that dreams are made of. He is a fabulous dad to Hobie. Hobie, to me, stole the show. Not only does he weasel is way into Cameron’s heart, he is right there in yours. Walker realizes what happened to his dream right out of college with his ex-husband and he didn’t want to be responsible for that guilt if he allowed Cameron stay behind and not pursue his dreams. He soon realized that dreams came in different packages, and Cameron was his dream and couldn’t give it up.
The only problem for me was that most of the book, these two seemed to be away from each other more than they were together. Granted when they were together it was powerful and you could feel the chemistry, but something was missing. The last quarter of the book, the two were living on opposite sides of the US and not speaking to each other. It pained me to read that part. It felt like we were back at the beginning of a new book. Yes, it was needed to help fuel the need and desires between them, but it hurt. The ending was so quick, I felt like I was dropped off a cliff, even though there was a mattress at the bottom with regards to the last page. Again, Hobie stole it.
Overall, this was a good read. I enjoyed seeing Ethan and Greg from the first book, and getting updates on them. The flow and writing was smooth.  Cameron and Walker were well-developed characters that went through a real life struggle that I believe we all can relate to. I look forward to the next book in this series.


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A.J. Truman remembers his college days like it was yesterday, even though it was definitely not yesterday. He writes books with humor, heart, and hot guys. What else does a story need? He loves spending time with his pets and his partner and writing on his sun porch. You can find him on Facebook or email him at ajtruman.writer [at] gmail [dot] com.

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