5 stars and 4.5 Stars for Crossing Lines (Cops and Docs #2) by K.D. Williamson #FF #Romance

CoverTitle: Crossing Lines (Cops and Docs #2)
Author Name & Publisher: K.D. Williamson (Yiva Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: April 20, 2016 – 255 pgs


Nora Whitmore has been through the ringer both professionally and personally. Now, her life is more than she ever thought it could be, especially with Kelli McCabe in it. The walls have come down, and she is open to new people and experiences.
Kelli McCabe watched all the broken pieces of her life come together. The situation with her family settled down, and she’s right where she wants to be back at work and in Nora’s arms.
For both of them, this quiet time is just the devastating calm before the massive storm hits and brings with it the violence of a vengeful enemy and the reality of drug abuse. The chaos surrounding them exposes old wounds and individual vulnerabilities that seem to multiply when they are together. Is it too much for them to withstand? Or is what they have strong enough to overcome it all?

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A very emotionally charged and superbly written novel.
Quite dark at times and often very intense but Ms Williamson cleverly introduces humour at just the right time and this adds real depth and warmth to this amazing novel.
The two main characters are such polar opposites in so many ways but this novel weaves their individual characters together in such a way that you feel you know both woman and understand why they are drawn to each other.
As each of their weaknesses are exposed and explained and they eventually come to terms with each others emotions you feel  their love for each other become even more solid and dependable.
A beautifully written and fascinating novel.
 FourandHalfStarsThis second book in the series picks up shortly after the end of the first. Kelli and Nora are discovering how to be together, and things seem to be going excellently for the two of them. But other things aren’t going so well in Kelli’s life. When her missing brother gets picked up as a drug dealer in a major sweep, she ends up pushing things a little further than control freak Nora is able to deal with, and Nora pulls a rabbit impression and runs. This splits the couple apart, and neither of them deal well with the separation. It takes both of them way too long to figure out that they can’t stand going on this way. Add in some returning trouble from Nora’s work, and things get extremely tense before they finally start getting better. Opening herself up to Kelli has allowed Nora to start opening herself up to others, and she starts responding positively to overtures of friendship at work. This has the added effect of making her realize that maybe it isn’t too scary to give all of herself to Kelli. It’s danger to her own life that makes her realize that safety, comfort, and home all reside in the one person she can’t consider giving up. Kelli, too, realizes that her usual way of dealing with things isn’t the right way, and has damaged some of her work and family relationships. Her realization that she has to make concessions to make things work with Nora leads her to realize that she can’t run roughshod over the others in her life either. She learns that even though she feels she has to fix everything for those she loves, sometimes she has to let go and let them fix it themselves. This was another excellent book in the series, and I highly recommend the books.


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KD (aka Minerva/Rizzleslvr72) is a Southerner and a former nomad, taking up residence in the Mid-West, east coast, and New Orleans over the years. She is also a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Displaced to the mountains of North Carolina, she found her way back to New Orleans, where she lives with her partner of ten years and the strangest dogs and cats in existence.
KD enjoys all things geek, from video games to super heroes. She is a veteran in the mental health field working with children and their families for over ten years. She found that she had a talent for writing as a teenager, and through fits and starts, fostered it over the years.

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