5 Stars and 3 Star Reviews for All About The Girls: Lux by Kaden Shay #FF #Romance

CoverTitle: All About The Girls: Lux
Author Name & Publisher: Kaden Shay (Supposed Crimes)
Publication Date & Length: March 1, 2016 – 126 pgs


Life is full of twists, turns and changes. The choices we make can dramatically alter the path we walk, and the people who walk it with us. This series follows seven women, all lesbians as well as friends, as their lives climb, spiral, and swerve. Sometimes even falling apart around them. At the end, will they all remain friends or will their choices take them down such different roads they lose each other?

Lux has been on a downward spiral in her personal life for several years, not that she’s recognized her behavior as such. Her developing feelings for a member of her circle of friends has the ability to send her into a panic, rushing into the arms of whoever happens to be available. Can she accept the rapidly deepening emotions before they tear her apart? Does she have what it takes to commit? Will her behavior as she comes to terms with it all cause a fracture in the friendships she’s always known?

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I really enjoyed this books and am so pleased that it is Volume 1 as I want more of these girls! The book revolves around a group of twenty-something friends in Arizona and their relationships with each other and their various romantic entanglements. The story is told from the perspective of Lux, who loves her friends and enjoys sharing her life with them. She plays the field a lot and spends her weekends picking up a lot of straight and not-so-straight girls for pretty amazing sex. The sex scenes are extremely hot and brilliantly written. She obviously is madly in love with Rascal but can’t tell her and Rascal is having the same problem.
I love the development of Lux’s character. She appeared to be easy-going, without a care in the world but that was all a cover for her real feelings. It took her a while to see that countless one-night-stands were not going to make her happy. I read this book in one sitting as I was enjoying it so much I didn’t want to put it down! I want to read the further romantic adventures of this group of ladies and can’t wait for the next instalment.

Kitty Kat


A very readable novel, full of erotic encounters combined with an emotional love story.
Unfortunately I found the romance a little predictable from the onset. I also had difficulty warming to the main character. I found Lux’s emotional age incompatible with her actual age. I also found the whole girl  friendship group a little naïve and difficult to accept given the fact that they were all well into adulthood.
The erotic encounters are well written and the ending leaves a good opening for the next book in the series.


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Kaden Shay is a 30-something crazy-cat-lady in-the-making who currently resides in Arizona with her partner and miniature zoo, which does currently include 4 cats. When she isn’t writing or playing mom to several fur-kids she’s singing, playing guitar, or playing online video games.

Kaden grew up in a very musical household and was singing with her family early on in life. Having an English teacher for a dad gave her a love of the written word and encouraged her to begin her own path toward writing. She spent middle school and early high school penning poems, songs, and short stories before beginning her first book at age 16 (a project she still hasn’t completed)!

Her furry family, currently consisting of two dogs, four cats, and several rodents, is always available to help her procrastinate in finishing projects. Helping that along are her favorite activities like online RPGs and karaoke.

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