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Title: Downpour
Author Name & Publisher: R. M. Grace
Publication Date & Length: June 15, 2016 — 168 Pages


Two strangers BOUND by one past . . .

Ash Greene has nothing left to lose when he stands on the curb, ready to lose his dignity. The rain is relentless and has been for days—the story of his life. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, he only has one option if he wants to earn enough money to survive. Yet, when a chance encounter with a stranger spares him from making the terrible decision, he believes things may be about to change.

Cole Harris is getting by, living his life from day to day. He’s not looking for love because people like him are incapable of love. All people like him do are push others away. He has too many demons haunting his past to let anybody step foot into his despair. Yet, when he stumbles upon a guy soaking in the rain, only fate can be at work.

Letting Ash into his life, Cole soon discovers a devastating reason he should treat him as he does everyone else. The only trouble is, for the first time in his life, he has met a guy worth keeping. Desperate to hold onto him, he will face the tough decision to tell Ash the truth of who he is, or hope he can keep his past buried.

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Wow. What an emotional packed story. These two men are two lost souls for different reasons but with a horrific past that connects them both even before they know it does.

Two strangers two pasts two broken hearts and two men that can heal each other and find the love they have been missing out on and hoping to one day be lucky enough to find.

Both Cole and Ash know loss and they both know guilt, grief, heartache, pain, and loneliness. They may be strangers but they connect once they meet through their painful pasts. They both may be what the other has been looking and hoping for but in order to get there they have to share with each other their painful pasta and hope they can overcome and forgive.

This is a wonderful story full of so much emotion that you cannot help to feel it along with the characters. RM Grace did an amazing job on this book and I cannot wait to read more by RM Grace in the future.



This is a story about two men who have both been through so much, find someone worth being with but both having secrets. Ash has lost everything and is about to do something he hates just so he can be warm and get some food in his belly. Cole is fighting his demons but sees something in Ash’s eyes and offers help. Ash and Cole’s paths have crossed before, they just don’t know it yet. This was a story of forgiveness, learning to live again and mostly learning to love and be loved.



Downpour is a touching story, but I find the writing to be awkward. It is okay, but I don’t really recommend it.

My biggest complaint about the writing style is that it’s written in present tense. I’ve never seen that work when writing a story. I find it very difficult to read. There are also other times in the book that are awkward and confusing. I understand that the version I’m reading isn’t the final version, but in my opinion, the number of issues I’m seeing won’t be cleared up in just the final edit.

Even considering all that, there is potential in this story. There are touching moments and moments with good romantic suspense. I can see potential in the characters as well, but the writing needs to be better in order to really bring their stories to life.



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R. M. Grace was born in Australia in 1986 and grew up in Coventry, England where she still lives with her partner, two children and dog.
R. M. Grace has been making up stories since childhood when a note book would accompany her everywhere. After suffering a brain tumor at an early age, she found solace in creating characters and whole new worlds inside her mind. Now, she has an even more intense passion for writing novels that will captivate readers. She writes everyday and has folders full of stories piling up on her desk, just waiting to be brought to life.
She is the author of Inside the Fire, Fall of Hope and Paper Kisses. Due out this year: Downpour, of Stars and Lies, In a Jam, Getting No Sleep, Rough Hands and Fragile Minds, The Perfect Way Out, Sharing the Weight of a Shadow and The Dying White. For more information on new releases, signed giveaways and plenty more, head over to rmgrace.com. You can sign up to R. M. Grace’s mailing list and be the first to know!
R. M. Grace is also a poet with two books published which she wrote in her teenage years, Lost in Nightmares and Land of Dissociation and has published two poetry, art and photography books, The Broke Ones and Shadow of Memories, which include popular underground artists. She also enjoys creating graphite art and abstract paintings in her spare time.

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