5 Star Review for Your Name In Lights (Love’s Encore #2) by Miranda MacLeod #FF #Romance

CoverTitle: Your Name In Lights (Love’s Encore #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Miranda MacLeod (Apple Blossom Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 28, 2016 – 224 pgs


Your Name In Lights picks up where A Road Through Mountains ended. Minor spoilers ahead!

After eighteen years, the stars may have finally aligned to give Cecily and Rorie a second chance at happiness together. The trouble with stars, though: they don’t stay aligned for long.

As Cecily settles into her life in sunny California, she imagines her biggest challenge will be learning to navigate her new reality as a divorced mother and publicly out lesbian. The last thing she expects is to land the acting role of a lifetime, far away from the loving support of her girlfriend and teenage son.

As disappointed as Rorie is at the prospect of a long distance relationship, she can’t dwell on it for long. It’s hard enough stepping in as a surrogate parent when Cecily’s son arrives for college while she’s away. But when a woman claiming to be her long lost mother appears, and may not be all she seems, Rorie knows she needs Cecily to come home soon.

Despite time, distance, and some very persistent paparazzi, Cecily and Rorie have found in each other a love to last a lifetime, but only if they can survive the dual pressures of fame and family.

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FiveStarsThis second instalment of Rorie and Cecily’s trilogy was not a disappointment . Having read the first book and loved it I had high hopes for this one.  Cecily moves
to Southern California to start a new life and be with Rorie. Her wish to learn to be independent causes a few problems for her though and she finds out its not easy living only on a pay check. Seeing how her career developed was fascinating and although it led to some separation from Rorie it was something she needed to do. The other characters around them were really well written and allowed facets of their personalities and relationship to come to the fore. I especially liked Rorie’s group of lesbian friends and their little side bets.
The love story was of course integral to the book and it was both beautiful and very sexy. I’m glad Miranda Macleod let us see that love doesn’t always run smoothly but needs work and time. Rorie’s past regarding her parents was a brilliant addition and it was at times heart- wrenching.  I was surprised at how affected I was by this part of the story.
Another winner and I can’t wait for the final instalment!
Kitty Kat


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Miranda lives in New England and writes heartfelt romances featuring witty and charmingly flawed women that you’ll want to marry. Or just grab a coffee with, if that’s more your thing.
Her first novel, ‘Telling Lies Online’, is the story of Jamie and Claire, and a very big online dating mix-up. It features a cowboy hat, unusually strong sangria, and penguins.
Her upcoming novel, ‘A Road through Mountains’, tells the story of Cecily and Rorie, two star-crossed lovers who reunite backstage at a production of A Streetcar Named Desire. It features second chances, a reality television diva, evil suburban soccer moms, and at least one person screaming ‘Stella’. Look for it in Spring 2016!

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