5 Star Review for Yellow Streak (Heroes at Heart #2) by Susan Laine #MM #College

CoverTitle: Yellow Streak (Heroes at Heart #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Susan Laine (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: November 11, 2015 – 82 pgs

Yancy Bell, a book geek with a bladder problem, saved the life of suicidal gay jock Curt Donovan. But when Curt returns to college after the Christmas holidays pretending he doesn’t know Yancy, warning bells go off.

Has a frightened Curt decided the safety of the closet is preferable to coming out? A remorseful Curt comes knocking on Yancy’s door in the dead of the night. Yancy wants to help Curt find the courage to proudly be himself and pursue his dreams, but first Curt needs to come to terms with his past acts. Yancy can only hope their reunion ends in light, not darkness.

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FiveStarsAfter reading book one and before readin book two I stupidly thought that these two men where over the hard parts as far as leaving behind the suicide attempt and coming out part since Curt had already came out to his family, but I was wrong and soon learned that in book two of this series.

At first when I started reading book two I was really upset with Curt because he pretty much dropped out of Yancy’s life once he left for his brothers house the night after Yancy’s was there for Curt and prevented him from doing something that could never be undone. I was upset with Curr because I thought that after Yancy acted so unselfishly that Curt had used him and decided he could do better without Yancy and that he was going to let his fear control him. And honestly at first that may have been the case but I think that Curt finally maned up and decided to choose happiness instead of fear and the what ifs.

Of Yancy is still my little hero because he once again out himself out there in sake of Curt and decided to forgive him for the way he treated him. He decided that even if it was only a moment of happiness he got with Curt that it was worth it more then if he shut himself down to the chance at love. I think that because Yancy showed courage over and over again, it helped Curt to be courageous also and come out to his two closest friends whether he loses them or not and he gave Curt the courage to go for his dreams of being a dancer also.

This series in my opinion is definitely a series that shows that we all have insecurities and there are times we all want to give up but even with that said, there is someone out there that believes in us no matter what and loves us in spite of our insecurities. Cannot wait till the next book in the series.



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I’m an award-winning author of LGBTQ erotic romance, often described as M/M (gay) and F/F (lesbian) romance. I write for Dreamspinner Press, Siren BookStrand, andEvernight Publishing. I’m a Finn but I write in English. I adore gorgeous men getting it on with other gorgeous men. I also like action flicks, pop music, chocolate, saunas, and the seasons in Finland. Join my newsletter HERE.

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