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Title: The Innocent Betrayal (Innocent #2)
Author: Victoria Sue
Publication Date & Length: June 20, 2016 – 157 pgs


London 1811
Can love withstand the ultimate betrayal?
William was running. Running from his father, running from his arranged marriage, and running from himself. He’d never wanted to manage his father’s vast empire. He would have been quite happy to find some small corner of England and read and paint. He knew it would be too much to ask for the company of a man to go with that. Too dangerous. His only hope for escape is to hide who and what he is and pretend to be a servant.
Alex was barely surviving after the fight with Napoleon’s armies. Riddled with guilt, he buried the knowledge of his wife’s death, and his crippled body, at the bottom of whatever brandy bottle he could find.
Two broken souls. One so damaged he thinks he doesn’t deserve love, and one so convinced he would never find it he has stopped looking.
Danger, lies, and espionage. The fate of hundreds of English soldier’s lives depending on them to trust each other, to work together.
Alex is forced to make a choice, unable to swallow his pride and rejects Will and their chance of happiness. Will is heartbroken, and Alex is destroyed. Will Alex realize his mistake in time? Can he learn to trust Will, but more importantly himself, and would Will ever forgive him if he did? And finally, would love ever survive a betrayal – even if it is an innocent one?

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Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, William Prenderville runs away, accepting a position as the companion for a wounded soldier, Alex. What he doesn’t realize is exactly how much he’ll come to care for Alex in the end.
I read this book in one sitting. After reading The Innocent Auction, I was excited to read about William, who made a brief appearance in the first book. The Innocent Betrayal was so well written. The characters and were strong and unique and made for an amazing read. I absolutely loved Will. His sincerity and goodness was clear throughout the book, but it wasn’t overplayed. In addition, his relationship with Alex was so beautiful. Alex – who is scarred from the war – doesn’t think that anyone could love him because of how he looks now. Will definitely proves that isn’t the case.
One of the things I loved most about this book is that it didn’t shy away from some of the uglier aspects of war and injury. Alex was up front, if embarrassed, about the fact that he couldn’t top because of his injury, and Will was completely understanding. I also particularly loved the line where Will says Alex made a mistake about him that all men made, implying most people thought he was a bottom. I had a nice laugh at that.
The spy plot was really interesting, and I really enjoyed seeing how that would all play out. It definitely kept me guessing as to who was involved and who wasn’t. And I like how the spy aspect of things helped with the happily ever after.
There’s absolutely nothing I didn’t love about The Innocent Betrayal. It’s a book I will definitely read again, and now I’ve found another one-click author.


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Has loved books for as long as she can remember. Books were always what pocket money went on and what usually Father Christmas brought. When she ran out of her kids’ adventure stories, she would go raid her mom’s. By the age of eight she was devouring classics like Little Women, and fell in love with love stories.
She especially loves writing gay romance because as far as she’s concerned the only thing better than one hot guy, is two of them.


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