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TitleThe Cattle Baron’s Bogus Boyfriend
Author Name & Publisher: Nicki Bennett (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: May 15, 2016 – 216 pgs


It might be a sham to his boss, but it’s all too real to him.

Administrative assistant Jonah Hollis has nurtured a hopeless crush on his boss, millionaire cattle rancher Lincoln Courtwright, ever since he started working for him. But hope is kindled when Linc and beautiful rodeo star Melissa Cutler break up just weeks before the biggest event of the Dallas social season, the Cattle Baron’s Ball, and Linc asks Jonah to accompany him in her place.

Is it all a ploy to make Melissa jealous? Can Jonah fit into Linc’s world? It takes some encouragement from his roommates and his best friend, Caylee, for Jonah to agree. Before long, Jonah dares to believe Linc might just feel something for him… until interfering family and a series of misunderstandings threaten his fragile dream of happiness.

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FiveStarsIn my opinion this is one of those sweet, feel good reads. I really enjoyed reading this book. This book is one of those books that while you are reading it you find yourself smiling. I know I did anyway.

Jonah may have listed after his boss Linc and thought he did not stand a chance with him but he was wrong not only about that but also about what happens once they do hook up and the misunderstandings start.

Linc may be a billionaire cowboy who owns a ranch and oil but he is so much more then that in my opinion. He is the most laid back billionaire that I can remember reading about. He is down to earth. He cares about the people in his life and he does not take things for granted. He is truly a man that other men should hope to be like whether rich or poor.

Jonah may be an admistative assistant but he has the biggest heart. He loves his family, even if his mom does not want to expect him for being gay, he cares about his job, and he puts others feelings before his own. I think that he is not fair to himself though. He is not confident in himself and thinks that Linc can do better then him. But with Lincs help he realizes the error of his ways.

This book as I said was such a sweet read. I truly enjoyed it.



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Growing up in Chicago, Nicki Bennett spent every Saturday at the central library, losing herself in the world of books. A voracious reader, she eventually found it difficult to find enough of the kind of stories she liked to read and decided to start writing them herself.

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