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CoverTitle: Rise of the Rain Queen
Author Name & Publisher: Fiona Zedde (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: July 12, 2016 – 387 pgs


Nyandoro was born the favorite. As the only girl of her parents’ six children, she gets everything she wants without even asking for it. When the latest thing she desires is the wife of a village elder, she faces consequences she never had to before.

These consequences come with the dawn of a passion she didn’t know existed, a carnal feast of flesh she can’t get enough of. But on the night she gains the ultimate satisfaction from the woman she’d always wanted, she also loses every good thing she ever had. This loss takes Ny from the shelter of her family and home to the unknown wilds of a new world flush with ancient power, and into the arms of an old lover who has always been by her side.

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This book is the gem amongst river rocks. There is a great depth of characterization, and the setting is rich with culture and community. The author makes us live in the village with Nyandoro and Duni, and all of Ny’s family. We hunt with her and her brothers, we work with her father and mother, we feel the heat on our skin and taste the dust on our tongues. In the beginning we vicariously share the laughter and joy of a young woman on the cusp of becoming an adult. We join Ny’s pursuit of Duni, even as we know there will be a price to pay. We see Duni pay that price, and Ny realize the changes that must occur now that consequences have come to pass. Ny has a price to pay as well, for the deal that her mother has made. Paying that price results in heartache for Ny, and the loss of her innocence. Now as she accepts the changes in her life, she must come to terms with all her loss, and find out if the loss of her innocence also means the loss of her love and happiness. This was an awesome read, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.


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Fiona Zedde is a Jamaican-born novelist and short-story writer who currently lives and writes and Tampa, Florida.

She is the author of six novellas – “Pure Pleasure,” “Going Wild” and “Sexual Attraction” appear in the collections, Satisfy Me, Satisfy Me Again, and Satisfy Me One More Time, respectively.

Her novels include Bliss, A Taste of Sin, Every Dark Desire, Hungry for It, Kisses after Midnight, and Dangerous Pleasures. To find out more about her, log onto her website atwww.fionazedde.com.

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