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Off Course

Title: Off Course (Coyote’s Call #1)
Author Name: Bailey Bradford
Publication Date & Length: November 21, 2014 – 164pgs


Gideon’s worst night ever starts out with a bang that will change his whole life.

Gideon Wells has been cast out of his bear shifter clan for being a curse, and he’s inclined to believe they’re right. After all, everything from fertility rates to shifting abilities have gone down the tube since he was born. Then when his car catches fire and mutant scorpions—he thinks they’re mutants, anyway—almost get him, he’s more certain than ever that he’s bad news.

Not that he’s just going to roll over and die.

Ignoring a prophecy might not be wise, but coyote shifter Miller Hudson has seen and heard too many false prophecies to put any faith in the one proclaiming him to be the alpha and, along with a mystery bear mate, the saviour of the now-defunct coyote den he grew up in. Besides, there’s no need for the den to be brought back together. None of them can shift, so what’s the point?

Then the buzzards circling overhead on the far edge of his property lead him to the very last thing he ever expected to find.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to and threats of assault and rape, scenes of fisting and mild BDSM.

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This was the first book by Bailey Bradford I’ve read, but I’d heard that she was a great author… I can say all the hype is true. She’s amazing. I absolutely loved this book.
The characters were very well developed and watching them grow not only as individual’s but as a couple was really quite nice. It’s amazing how often that is left out of stories.
I literally couldn’t read this fast enough. There is just the right amount of suspense between finding out if the prophecy is true and what happened to poor Roman.
The twist between Gideon looking like the big, dominant guy while Miller was the shorter one who was often presumed to be submissive because of his stature was great.. Appearances aren’t what they seem and they were exactly the opposite and it completely worked for them.
I can’t wait to get to the next book!!! I hope we get to watch as the den embraces their new ability to shift and grow only stronger than what they had when that had been stripped from them.


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