5 Star Review for My Man Walter by J.S. Cook #MM #Romance @jsopercook

CoverTitle: My Man Walter
Author Name & Publisher: J.S. Cook (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 1, 2016 – 236 pgs


Billionaire inventor Chase Gordon has just turned forty—and everything in his ordered little world is going to hell in an Hermès bag. His acerbic English butler Juliet Lavish has decided to retire. The humanitarian church founded by his late parents has suddenly gone broke—in the middle of the jungle—in Honduras. Lastly, NYPD detective Brian Schrade wants to use Chase’s palatial mansion to hide Walter Godfrey, a newspaper reporter who might know something about a recent rash of mob-related business deals. Part of the deal is the conniving, misanthropic Alec Pratt, son of a local newspaper mogul and unapologetic police informant who just might have a teensy weensy crush on Brian Schrade.

But Walter isn’t safe, not at Chase’s residence or anywhere else. His too-frequent forays into the city—against Brian Schrade’s advice—make him a target, and his strong attraction to Chase Gordon is setting him up for some serious heartbreak. When Chase goes to Honduras to investigate the state of his family’s failing fortunes, he adds another trouble to the long list: he’s been set up for kidnapping.

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Spectacular book. What more do I need to say. If someone is looking for an action packed adventure that envolves the mob, dirty newspaper CEO, the police, a retired New York fire fighter turned reporter, multimillionaire who woke up one morning and could not walk, and a snitch who is up to his eyeballs in trouble… Then this is the book for you.

Normally I would give a run down of the two main characters in a book but in this books case, there is multiple main characters.

But I will say this about the books characters, you never know who is going to end up with who. Nor do you know who is dirty or good. Along with the fact you do not know if your favorite character is going to come out of it alive in the end. But I will say this… In the end there is definitely three sets of couples that was not together in the beginning but ended up together in the end. You just have to make it to the end of the book to figure out which of the characters are going to end up as the couples.

This book definitely lands on my list of top favorite books I have read so far this year.

There is never a dull moment. Nor is what is going to happen predictable. It is an amazing read though and I think that many of people are going to enjoy this book.



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