5 Star Review for Mr. March Names the Stars by Rivka Aarons-Hughes #Trans #Ace


Title: Mr. March Names the Stars
Author Name & Publisher: Rivka Aarons-Hughes (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: March 16, 2016


Wes loves his life traveling the Pagan festival circuit, but he loved it more when he wasn’t harangued by women a little too fond of his picture in a popular charity calendar—a calendar that mucked up his bio by stating that he’s single, but leaving out that he’s not straight.

Wes’s appeals to the company to change the bio come to nothing until Nash, a lawyer from the company, shows up and promises to do all he can to fix the problem. But though Wes quickly grows fond of Nash, and the interest seems mutual, the calendar problem shows no signs of being fixed…

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This is a quick, fun read. Mr. March, AKA Wes, wants his bio changed in the calendar he posed for. Nash is a low-level lawyer assigned to talk to him. They have an almost instant chemistry, bonding over their shared paganism and asexuality.

Unlike a story where it’s low heat because everything is off-page, this is low heat because there isn’t anything to have off-page. I always love well-written ace characters because it’s about more than “not doing it.” The way in which Nash and Wes express their mutual interest is sweet, romantic, and well-done. I also loved that the main conflict between them had nothing to do with their orientations.

There’s plenty of humor and heart in this story, and it’s just the right length for an afternoon read.

5 stars

~Amy M.


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