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Title: Living in Sin

Author: Anastasia Vitsky

Publication Date: March 25th 2015


Come out to your family, or we’re through!

Sick of playing “roommate” for the sake of her girlfriend’s religious, tight-knit family, Audra issues an ultimatum: Tell your family, or I move out. After all, Audra’s family supports her and loves Ciara as a second daughter. Why would Ciara’s family be any different? Audra’s tired of hiding the reality of their lives. She puts Ciara first, so why can’t Ciara do the same?

Caught between her family and her girlfriend, Ciara resents being forced to choose. She tries to keep the peace by accepting her aunt’s endless blind dates and comforting her mother who care for Ciara’s dying grandmother. How can Ciara shatter her family by forcing the truth on them? How can she face life without Audra if she does not?

Agonized and at her wit’s end, Ciara receives an unexpected spirit visit that asks her hard questions. Does love require self-sacrifice? How much can she give up without losing herself?

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I’ve read a number of Ms. Vitsky’s books, and each time, I think I couldn’t possibly love it more than the last one, only to be proven wrong.

This is a gentle, tender story about the ways our own raw places can unintentionally wound the people we love most. Ciara’s fear of rejection by her family is palpable. Even though the story is in first person from her POV, Audra’s emotions are also tangible. What I liked, though, was that it never dipped into emotional drama just for the sake of forcing a reaction. The feelings were realistic.

One of my favorite things Ms. Vitsky does in her work is examining the interplay of repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. These are deeply human and deeply spiritual themes, and she’s excellent at viewing different angles. In this story, part of what makes it so good is when the characters’ hidden reasons for their actions rise to the surface and they have the chance to understand each other. I was actually surprised by the ending, but I thought it was a perfect fit.

If you want a very quick read that will warm your heart while making you think, this is perfect.



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